Where does all the time go??

I feel like it was just yesterday that Wilkins was born but here it is two months and she will be TWO!  On Tuesday I told Wilkins to throw her pacifier in the garbage and she did.  She slept all night without it but of course she is spoiled rotten b/c her mammy and Aunt Haley let her have her paci all day Wednesday.  So we did it again Wednesday night but this time I got smart and hid all of the pacifiers.  I kept them just in case she started sucking her thumb but she did not so now they are really going in the garbage!!  Bye bye paci!!
This has been a really long couple of weeks...I was the lucky one to have the weekend off when the weather was beautiful but guess where I spent it?!  Oh yeah you guessed it...I had 5 whole days off and I literally spent it holding a whiny baby, changing dirty diapers, sucking out a snotty nose, and dishing out some serious cough syrup.  I was on Wilkins schedule...I slept when she slept and I was up when she was up.  I got absolutely nothing accomplished that entire time.  Then it was back to work for EIGHT straight days!!  Yes I was literally scheduled EIGHT 12 hour days...I WAS SCHEDULED 96 HOURS before I had a day off.  Needless to say I scooted out early as many times as I could which ended up not being too many. 

As I sit here and gripe about this and that, my mind drifts to this little girl, Layla Grace.  This little girl's story absolutely breaks my heart.  She is just a couple of months older than Wilkins and has cancer.  She is literally withering away like a little flower in front of her parents eyes.  I find myself checking her parent's blog all the time to check for updates.  I have now joined the dreaded Twitter just to be her follower so that I can get updates when I am not at home.  Reading about her and how much her mother wishes that she would be up running around getting into everything like 2 year olds do makes me stop and just be grateful that Wilkins is coloring all over her kitchen.  Or that she just spilt my entire cup of grape kool aid all over the floor and that she is constantly pulling all her toys out.  As much as I want to just throw my hands up in the air and say "Calgon, Take me Away", instead I say "Thank you Lord for my healthy little girl".  I can't imagine what these people are going through and I don't ever want to.  I can only imagine how scary it is...I was terrified when Wilkins was in the hospital at 6mths old with RSV hooked up to IVs.  So if you happen to read my blog please check out hers:  http://www.laylagrace.org/.

Where are you Amanda?  This really bothers me.  Amanda Brown was a friend of mine growing up and her grandmother just died on Saturday.  On Sunday, we drove down to Alabama to go to the wake only to hear from her brother, Larry, that no one has heard from her in over three years.  This has really been weighing heavily on me.  I don't understand.  How do you not know where your sister, daughter, neice, grandaughter, or friend is?  She used to be all these things to so many different people.  I know that Amanda would want to know about her grandmother.  Sis Maude raised her since she was 5 years old...we used to run wild at their house.  What if she is in jail or worse...what if she is dead herself?  This is horrible.  I can't imagine not knowing where either one of my sisters are.  Wherever you are Amanda I hope you are ok and I just want to say I met your daughter and she is the spitting image of you.

While at the wake on Sunday I did get to see a little miracle walking...Kensley!!  Yep she was walking and she looked so good.  I ran into lots of people that I grew up with.  It is really sad that you always see old friends and family only when someone dies.  Too bad we don't make time to see each other more...always wait until it is too late.  The real adventure of the night was going to some Mexican restaurant on Sand Mountain!!  The fact that it is in Ider, Al should be the first red flag...the second red flag was that a white man owned it while 3 guys who were speaking spanish in a southern drawl was cooking and serving the not so great food!!  Stay away from this place.  We had fun but the food was horrible!

Off to bed for me...I will try to be better about posting but it is a little hard working full time as a manager, being a single mommy, and getting ready to go back to school.  Until next time...

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