RAIN=no pictures in the buttercups :(

Rain, rain go away...PLEASE!!  So I got Wilkins' dress from granny and I love it!  It is white with yellow smocking and butterfly sleeves.  Wilkins was suppose to get her pictures made today at the Sam Davis Home in the buttercups at 11am but the rain ruined all plans!!  So now weather permitting we have rescheduled for Saturday at 5pm...let's hope the rain goes away because I can't wait to get these pictures.  Because of that we decided to head to Cool Springs Galleria and just wonder around...not really shopping but just looking.  Unfortunately who really goes to just look and not buy.  I have tried that several times but it never happens.  I usually always come back with something for Wilkins.  Buying for girls is just so easy as you mothers with little girls know.  I ended up buying her 2 pairs of jelly shoes and 2 outfits along with sunglasses. 
I did manage to buy some material for mom to make me two skirts...one for Easter Sunday and one for the singing on Good Friday.  Yellow and Blue...I started with yellow for Wilkins' Easter dress and now LeAnne and Haley have ended up buying their kids Easter outfits that happen to be yellow and blue.  Funny thing is LeAnne and Haley always try to avoid getting their kids the same colors because on Easter they try to match their kids.  I find it absolutely hilarious because not only are all of us going to match but mom and dad are also wearing yellow...HOW FUNNY!  The best part of all this is we are not telling Bradley before because he would probably refuse to wear his so I can't wait to see his face on Easter Sunday when he walks in the door and realizes that we all match!! 
Well, I have to be at work at 5am, work a long day with people that drive me bananas, then get my hair cut and colored at 3pm.  It's going to be a busy day!  I had brought some evals home with me to write for some of my employees and that didn't happen so now I am going to have to try to get them written tomorrow at work which is absolutely impossible most of the time.
Let's hope the sunshine comes back and stays until after Easter...I don't want a cold or rainy Easter!!

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  1. I am not to sure I want to see his face on Easter. He is going to kill me!!LOL