Playing catch up...

So this post is going to be me getting caught up on the last couple of weeks: 

First, Wilkins turned 4!!  Oh my goodness...it seems like only yesterday she was born and now she has turned into this beautiful little girl with a mind of her own and a lot of sass to go with it!!  She has really never had a birthday party because we have celebrated it at Disney World (I know poor, pitiful her!!) until this year and she loved it!!  Second, I had Shelby Baker do her 4 year old pictures which turned out wonderful!!  Third, is pictures from my nanny's 94th birthday, my granny's 75th birthday, and a few more May birthdays in the Middlebrooks family.  And last is pictures from Lucas' kindergarten play: Mothergoose Nursery Rhymes A-Z.
Wilkins with her Lala Loopsy Cake and outfit.

My cousin, Tiffany Pharris made the cake!
She did a great job!

My mom made the outfit the morning of her party!!

Logan blew her candles out first...DRAMA!!

Love this picture of Wilkins and Addy!

Getting help opening all of her presents!!

If you read my post on what Wilkins wanted for
her birthday it stated a box with plastic wheels and
plastic steering wheel!  Thanks to Uncle Michael and
Big she got what she asked for!!

This is her 4 year old pictures taken by Shelby Baker Photography.  Absolutely love them!!  She does a great job with the kids and captures their true personalities...I would highly reccommend her to anyone!!

The Middlebrooks Family May Birthday get together...

My nanny turned 94 today (5/16/12)

5 Generations of the oldest daughter

Blake and Wilkins

The Middlebrooks Clan minus Dad, Bradley, Andrew, Cody,
Uncle Kevin, and Kelsey.

Mother and Daughter

The two youngest Middlebrooks'
Ariana and Levi

Our kids love watermelons!

and corn on the cob

and homemade ice cream.

The May birthdays:  Nanny, Granny, Emma, Emily,
Alex, Wilkins, and Blake

Lucas' Kindergarten play:


Pure torture for Levi to have to sit for 2 hours.