Just call me wishy washy...

...I didn't realize that so many people who didn't blog read this crazy, jumbled up mess I call a blog.  I guess they do and because so many of you have emailed me about my blog I have decided to go public again.

Blogger was having so many issues with granting people permissions that it just wasn't worth all the hassle. 

I am going to continue to rant and rave about my everyday (crazy and wonderful) life whether it be about work, school, or family.  I am sorry for causing such a major inconvenience to all of you and I want to say thanks to everyone who takes a few minutes out of your busy lives to keep up with mine and Wilkins (as boring as it is). 

Again thanks to everyone for making me feel a little "special" the last two days!!  LOL

Same rant...another day...

So I just thought if I made my blog private then no one could read it that I didn't want to...I was wrong. 

Apparently when you google my name and the place I work together it brings up the posts in which both are named.  When you click the word "CACHED"  it shows that entire post!!  Lovely!!  So is anything really ever private?!  So I am staying private on the chance that I can still vent about my everyday life and hopefully it won't pop up on google if I don't mention specific names.


News from the MRI:  I have a penial cyst on the back of my brain which is just a mass of fluids, basically.  This combined with my vertigo is what caused me to be so sick and off balance. I am suppose to go back for another MRI in three months to make sure nothing has changed.  Who knows what they do if it has?!  I am a little weary of it but they say it is nothing really to be concerned about so I am just gonna go with it.

So back to work on Friday...FINALLY!!


A Two Part Post...

...first a little rant about "freedom of speech"!!  Yeah Right?!  I had to change my blog from public to private because of my co-workers and employees.

I understand that everyone wants to keep a certain image but come on, there are bad days.  I originally started this blog to vent about those days and to tell about the good days/things in my life. Last year I posted this on my blog.  I made the mistake of mentioning my workplace and althought I didn't say anything really bad about the company and only about the events that took place I still got a call from the home office.  So I went back and adjusted some of the things written and I took out the name of where I worked where it says "occupation" so that when they do search engines my blog didn't pop up. 

Well, I am pretty tired of having to keep my work life out of my blog since that is a pretty huge part of my life so that's why I am going private. 

Now on to fun times...

Yesterday, Wilkins went to church with mom and didn't come home afterwards but instead, went home with Ashley and Josh so that she could play with Caden (Stone aka her "boyfriend").  So when LeAnne came by before church last night with Addy it only seemed logical that I let Addy stay with me during church. 

Addy used to be my "baby".  She used to stay with me all the time and we would play and go shopping, etc...  Since I had Wilkins there hasn't been any just "me and Addy" time so we made good use of it.  I helped her make a beaded Cinderella necklace, watched Mulan, ate some cookie dough (our favorite), and we shopped online at the Disney store. Then we played some games on Nick Jr., then Wilkins got home and we had a girl's night.  They had so much fun and unfortunately they still are having fun (MAKING A MESS). 

They play pretty good together most of the time but they do have their little melt downs.  Here are some pictures:

Addy getting started on her necklace...

Really concentrating

The finished product...

It actually turned out really cute...

Addy playing Nick Jr...

Wilkins wishing she could play...


a little flower on her big toes and sparkle tips!! and no i didn't pay for any of it!!

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the beginning...

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Wilkins' pedicure...

the ladies there really spoiled her...I can't figure out how to add another picture so I am just gonna do another post!!


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The last two days have been pretty fun!  I have been cooped up in this house for an entire week because it made me too sick to ride or walk...so I was ready to at least try to get out a little. 

I still felt a little crazy because my head was swimming and somehow I ended up driving at one point which was probably a pretty stupid idea...HELLO...I can't really focus too clearly!  Sorry to anyone if I swerved into your lane or stepped on your toes!

We went and grabbed a bite to eat (mom, Haley, me, Kelsey, and of course our kids) and then I had $75 in Gym Bucks (Gymboree) from before Christmas which had to be used of course!!  I had to go search and search to find $150 worth of stuff to buy...had absolutely no problem with that.  In fact, I ended up paying more and earning some other coupon to use the first of February.  I know, I know...hook, line, and sinker!  Got a few great deals...and ended up buying Lucas and Logan an outfit to wear on our Disney trip in March!

And yes I did say Disney trip in March!!  This time it is only going to be me, mom, and the four "little ones" (Lucas, Addy, Logan, and Wilkins) and of course, Kels will probably be traveling with us to see her mom, dad, and Avery. Enough about Disney for right now....

Back to yesterday and today...we went goofing off and made poor little Kelsey (I say that because I absolutely refuse to try on clothes...I had rather buy it and take it back) try on lots of clothes at different stores.  Haley bought her a purse and I splurged a little and bought her a couple of things that were on sale but looked super cute on her.  Then this afternoon after Kels got off work we all went and got a pedicure...oh yeah, love to get a little pampered sometimes.  We all had gift certificates from dad from Christmas so we have just been trying to find a time when we could all go. 

FYI:  a little subtle hint:  anyone who might run into my dad feel free to tell him that I would love another gift certificate for Valentine's Day too.  I know absolutely pitiful right...I don't, nor is there any chance of me having someone else to get it for me on Valentine's Day!!  Pathetic but it's reality and I am ok with it!! 

I think I have rambled enough for now...more to come later when there are more interesting things to talk about other than laying around, dizzy head, or of course I could always talk about the NEVERENDING, absolutely done with it, SNOW!!  I am ready for flip flops!!!

Getting pampered...

I know the picture is sideways but i haven't figured that part out yet.


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I just want to see if this works so please bear with me!!

Just my luck...

So we all know how my weekend to Pigeon Forge started out...on the side of the road, flat tire, no spare, riding in the back of the state trooper car but finally made it after 3am.  Well the weekend there was fun, of course, but let me tell you how it ended!! 

We are all loading up our cars to leave and low and behold whose car got broke into?!  Yep...MINE!!  Pretty frustrating when I think about it.  There was absolutely nothing in it to steal except for a set of portable DVD players or so I thought!!  Whatever jerk did it decided to grab a stack of CDs (Wilkins') that were in the middle console that we listen to all the time...Cabbage Patch Christmas, Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Little People, etc...  That part really frustrated me because it was her stuff...nothing expensive just stuff she likes.  The part that I didn't even realize until I got home was the shoes that I had bought her a Stride Rite.  I had bought her a pair of shoes back at Thanksgiving at the outlets and ended up getting home with the wrong pair so I had held onto them until then to go in and exchange them which I did.  Unfortunately, I left the receipt in the bag and so the idiot took those and probably took them back to get the cash.  Pretty frustrating way to start and end the weekend.

Just wait though it gets better...I go back to work on Monday (with tons of snow) and my gm puts me in a hotel next door for Tuesday (cause I have to be there at 430am) only to start puking my guts up around 9pm!!  Oh yes...I ended up being up all night with both puking and diarrhea...lots of fun!  I tried to get up to go to work but I just didn't have enough strength to do it.  It must have been just a 24 hour thing because by Tuesday evening I was feeling better.

So Wednesday morning I get up at 4am to get ready for work and realized that I don't have a belt and my bra (the one I like the most)!!  I had left it in the hotel because the next morning I just put on my jacket, shoes, and toboggan and left in my pajamas!!  OOPs!  Wednesday went by fine and then went to work on Thursday @ 5am. 

I kept feeling funny...like my head was swimming or a drunk feeling.  I kept telling my employees that I felt funny and I kept stumbling around.  I ended up feeling so weak that I couldn't get out of the chair...I kept nearly passing out.  I don't remember much except for that one of my employees basically carried me to my sister's car.  I ended up going to the emergency room (for hours) getting an iv, taking blood, a ct scan, and an ekg and sent home with some prescriptions for vertigo!  I have not been back to work yet and I am still not back to normal!  I am still having these crazy dizzy spells...I went to a neurologist on Monday and have to go to an ENT doctor tomorrow plus some kind of physical therapy.  I am also scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday.  They are saying I can go back to work on Monday which I am hoping to be so cause I am tired of being at home...I can't even stand to ride in a car because it makes me even more sick!  So needless to say without BAD luck I most certainly wouldn't have any luck at all! 

I can promise that if anything else bad comes my way you might as well go ahead and lace up that straight jacket (that Drea talks about all the time) for me cause I might just kill whomever is delivering the news!!!  LOL!!

Let's play catch up...

Last I blogged I had car trouble on the way to the Middlebrooks' Christmas in Pigeon Forge...what fun we had?!  Picture this:  37 people (mixture of Middlebrooks', Cardin's, Pritchett's, plus throw in a Guffey or two, a Bridges, and a Blackmon and you pretty much get it) in a huge 15 bedroom cabin with tons of food and tons of snow...WOW...what a weekend?!

Here are only a handful of pictures from the weekend.

Uncle Herbie

Avery was making a snowball but Scott hit his hand and smashed it in his own face!

LeAnne (everybody watch out!)

Aunt Maronica making gingerbread cookies with the little ones
(without the cookie mix...inside joke)

The kids cheering for pool...goofy kids.

Blake and Wilkins...bless his heart she just bosses him around.

Watching Bradley's brothers playing Just Dance on WII

Scott collapsed on the floor from skiing all day and then I
tackled him!  Too weak to fight!

Putting a Disney puzzle together...while Scott and Kyle
kept stealing the pieces (they wanted to put the last piece in)

Love this picture of Aunt Maronica and Wilkins

loved the snow

Kyle acting like he was going into a blizzrd....DORK!

The great grandkids from tallest to shortest (11+one on the way)

The great grandkid (BOYS)

The great grandkids (GIRLS) outnumbered by the boys.

the 2 year olds...Riley, Wilkins, and Blake

the 3 year olds...Logan and Zak

the 5 year olds...Lucas, Addy, and Alex

the 3 oldest great grandkids...Will, Emily, and Bryson

The last 5 grandkids...Avery, Brandon, Andrew, Kelsey, and Emma

acting stupid

the 5 kids...Daniel, Chris, Herbie, Monica, and Maronica

with spouses...Sonya, Lora, Sheila, Tim, and Kevin with Granny
and Grandaddy

all the grandkids with spouses (minus Beth and Cody)
Kyle, Amy, me, Michael, LeAnne, Bradley, Haley, Scott, Tyree,
Andrew, Kelsey, Avery, Brandon, and Emma

Inside joke...if you want to hear a funny story ask mom about the
gift...yes that is "adult wipes" (gag gift)

here are two more hints to the funny story...panties (too small)
and red velvet cake mix...ask her!

another gag gift...HUGE black panties for Uncle Chris

poor Scott trying to sleep...Daniel messing with him
Too Funny!!

We love this one...he has on Woody's hat!!!



So this is going to be a short and sweet update...

My night pretty much sucked!  It is 330am my time and I am just now getting into my hotel in Pigeon Forge!!  We left for Pigeon Forge at 830am!!!  We got just outside of Cookville and had a freaking flat tire and guess what...NO SPARE!  We call the Tennessee Highway Patrol and they ask us where we are EXACTLY and of course we don't know because we aren't paying a lick of attention.  Who really does pay attention to things such as mile markers?!  THP tells us that we are going to have to call 911 so that they can get an exact location of where we are through our cell phone...really?!  I thought 911 was just for emergency but apparently not. 

We figure out where we are and get a few numbers of some local towing companies...$$$$$!  We call and have no luck with the first 3 we call...one was to far away, one was only for trucks, and of course one was having a medical emergency (he must have lost his toe...lol).  The state trooper arrived and offered to give us a ride back to a hotel for the night but we decided to call one more.  And just our luck we ended up with some luck..C & D Towing in Gordonsville.  This man was super nice to come out at 1100 at night, tow my car, and he just so happened to have the size tire I needed.  He ended up changing my tire and only charged me $120...absolutely amazing.  I just knew it was going to cost me my right arm to get this taken care of or I was going to have to wait until morning.

Our fun adventure also included me, Kelsey, and Wilkins riding in the back of the state trooper's car and mom riding in the tow truck.  It was not the idea trip to Pigeon Forge but it could have been a lot worse and a lot more expensive.  So now that we are here the snow can come on....

Goodnight everyone....


Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011....

....2011 brings lots of new hope and new things and this new year brought a sick baby.  Bless her heart (and mine too of course), she woke up in my bed (of course) puking!!  YUK!!

The kids with Santa aka Tanya's dad

Let's rewind though...Christmas was lots of fun but kind of a blur too.  The Thursday before Christmas was my only day off that week and I had a lot to do...first Wilkins had a Christmas party to go to at my friend, Tanya's house.  This ended up being a lot of fun and Wilkins really enjoyed it...

Wilkins making a gingerbread ornament which
she named "my little girl"

Wilkins actually approached Santa without me...

Wilkins ready for caroling!
After tons of shopping on Thursday and work on Friday (also tons and tons of fun...not), we decided to take our kids caroling.  We just went to a few of the people from church that we knew would really appreciate our children's harmony...LOL!

The kids really got into and had a lot of fun with it. 

Then Santa came....

I kept asking Wilkins if she wanted Santa to come see her and her answer always remained the same..."no".

Some of you parents may think I am crazy but I woke Wilkins up at 7am because I was too excited.  This was really the first year that she actually enjoyed what was going on.  I was super excited and if I didn't wake her up then she would have slept til 10am!!

LeAnne and Haley came over (their husbands and kids too) for breakfast and then more presents.  We all enjoyed just doing absolutely nothing all day...(with a little snow too).  We literally laid among wrapping paper, toys, puzzles, etc and didn't give a crap!  We had a lot of fun except for the fact that I had to go to work the next morning (as usual).

Wilkins was too funny...once she opened play dough (thanks yaya) she wouldn't open anything else.  She just kept pushing them away which meant I got to open double the presents...yeaaa!  Here are a few pictures...

The "little ones" as we call them...

all 6 of the grandkids...I love how Wilkins and Logan is

What a dork?!

LeAnne's child...need I say more?!

There are no words...
My "goofy" child with no style....

LeAnne's child again...

Playing Disney Scene It....lots of fun

Laughing at something Addy said...LeAnne's child again!!

Haley's dork...

Wilkins' "friends"...bless her heart!

Will painted this for Wilkins...probably
my favorite present...I think it is super cute.
And I am gonna hang it in a frame in her room.

I think this is enough for now...I know I am tired of posting pictures cause it takes so stinkin' long. One more Christmas to go in Pigeon Forge with the Middlebrooks bunch and I can promise there won't be any dull moments. Just ask the people who sat in the emergency room next to us last Monday night! I am sure we annoyed the snot out of them but we had lots of fun...a group of Middlebrooks' with little or no sleep with nothing to do but laugh!!! Good times!!