Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011....

....2011 brings lots of new hope and new things and this new year brought a sick baby.  Bless her heart (and mine too of course), she woke up in my bed (of course) puking!!  YUK!!

The kids with Santa aka Tanya's dad

Let's rewind though...Christmas was lots of fun but kind of a blur too.  The Thursday before Christmas was my only day off that week and I had a lot to do...first Wilkins had a Christmas party to go to at my friend, Tanya's house.  This ended up being a lot of fun and Wilkins really enjoyed it...

Wilkins making a gingerbread ornament which
she named "my little girl"

Wilkins actually approached Santa without me...

Wilkins ready for caroling!
After tons of shopping on Thursday and work on Friday (also tons and tons of fun...not), we decided to take our kids caroling.  We just went to a few of the people from church that we knew would really appreciate our children's harmony...LOL!

The kids really got into and had a lot of fun with it. 

Then Santa came....

I kept asking Wilkins if she wanted Santa to come see her and her answer always remained the same..."no".

Some of you parents may think I am crazy but I woke Wilkins up at 7am because I was too excited.  This was really the first year that she actually enjoyed what was going on.  I was super excited and if I didn't wake her up then she would have slept til 10am!!

LeAnne and Haley came over (their husbands and kids too) for breakfast and then more presents.  We all enjoyed just doing absolutely nothing all day...(with a little snow too).  We literally laid among wrapping paper, toys, puzzles, etc and didn't give a crap!  We had a lot of fun except for the fact that I had to go to work the next morning (as usual).

Wilkins was too funny...once she opened play dough (thanks yaya) she wouldn't open anything else.  She just kept pushing them away which meant I got to open double the presents...yeaaa!  Here are a few pictures...

The "little ones" as we call them...

all 6 of the grandkids...I love how Wilkins and Logan is

What a dork?!

LeAnne's child...need I say more?!

There are no words...
My "goofy" child with no style....

LeAnne's child again...

Playing Disney Scene It....lots of fun

Laughing at something Addy said...LeAnne's child again!!

Haley's dork...

Wilkins' "friends"...bless her heart!

Will painted this for Wilkins...probably
my favorite present...I think it is super cute.
And I am gonna hang it in a frame in her room.

I think this is enough for now...I know I am tired of posting pictures cause it takes so stinkin' long. One more Christmas to go in Pigeon Forge with the Middlebrooks bunch and I can promise there won't be any dull moments. Just ask the people who sat in the emergency room next to us last Monday night! I am sure we annoyed the snot out of them but we had lots of fun...a group of Middlebrooks' with little or no sleep with nothing to do but laugh!!! Good times!!

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  1. please do not put pictures of me on here for atleast another 3 months. I look horrible!! LOL... And Bradley might just kill you for the picture of him lol