The beginning of the Christmas season...

...means BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!


Saturday: Lucas' first basketball game

Sunday:  the Cardin Xmas
We had a pretty good time...we ate, did gifts, and then Haley, Bradley, Amy, Kyle, LeAnne, Michael, me, and Kaylen played a game that was hilarious.  I am so mad right now that I can't remember the name of it though!!! 

Never realized until this picture that Blake and Wilkins look alike

I don't know what this dork is doing!!

Then today I woke up at 4am to get ready for a work with a really bad headache.  I took Wilkins to mom's then went on to work.  As time went by I started feeling worse.  I started getting dizzy and sick to my stomach.  I realized I was having the same symptons I had in January when I was diagnosed with vertigo.  I tried to make it go away and ignore it but it just kept getting worse so I ended up going home and taking the prescription I was suppose to be taking for the past months.  I ended up sleeping until about 1pm and then Wilkins got home, ate lunch, and then we went back to sleep.  When she woke up to get ready for play practice she said her tummy was hurting.  She felt warm and her cheeks were flushed so I took her temperature which ended up being 99.6 so her and I have just been laying on the couch watching Charlie Brown Christmas and other shows.  We are a pitiful pair!!  I hope we both get to feeling better real soon...


Stupid momma...

...yes you read it right, "stupid momma"!!  This sweet little face actually said those two words!! 

Tuesday night I told Wilkins to pick up all her toys and get ready for bed and I am guessing that isn't what she wanted to hear.  She started whining and walking down the hall to her bedroom.  I am assuming she didn't realize I was behind her because as soon as she walked in her bedroom she was crying and said "stupid momma"!!  I thought for sure that my ears were deceiving me (total shock) so I said "did you just call me stupid" and that sweet little child you see in this picture said "yes"!!  I absolutely could not believe it?!  I was completely dumbfounded and I am still a little in shock right now righting about it.  I then did the mommy thing and got down to her level and explained that she should never call anyone stupid ESPECIALLY her momma.  And then I did what my mom done to me I spanked her little legs.  It was hard to do...she is normally a pretty good kid.  I mean she has a big attitude and all but normally nothing like this.  She cried very little and I made her apologize and I thought for sure she will NEVER say that again!

WRONG!!  She did it again last night!  Can you believe it?!  So we did the whole cycle again...really a 3 year old?!  I thought for sure I had a couple more years before I had to start dealing with stuff like this!!  Oh please pray for me cause I have a feeling I am gonna need lots over the next 15 years!!!