More tears...

It has been a week or so since my last post and I am actually laying in my bed, posting from my phone cause I am too lazy to go get my laptop...pitiful, I know.
Anyway, LeAnne has officially moved and it taking a toll on all of us.  She left on Sunday afternoon (luckily I was at work but I still cried when mom called and told me) and it was pretty bad.  Lucas and Addy, who have been each others  best friend for their entire 5 years and were suppose to start kindergarten together, clung to each other in tears.  Lucas begging her not to go (here come my tears again as I type) while Addy just buried her head in his shoulders sobbing. Imagine two little kids, who doesn't understand in the first place...it breaks your heart.  So of course Mom, LeAnne, and Haley were all crying.  LeAnne said her and Addy cried all the way to Alabama.
Since I didn't get to see them before they left and Leanne likes for me to organize Addy's room I decided to take off down there Tuesday night after I got off work.  Mom, Wilkins, and Lucas went too.  We got there at 3am, got up at 930am, went to the way"barrel" for breakfast which ended up being hilarious.  There are 8 (3 adults & 5 kids) who order.  Will orders one over well egg with bacon (remember this it is important).  we all get our food except Will ...the server lets us know his food will be out in just a minute.  When she returns she brings one scrambled egg, sausage, and one pancake.  We promptly tell her we didn't order all that to which she responds with a wave of her hand and says "don't worry" and " I will be back in a minute with that over well egg." 
Keep in mind I am a manager at a different location...she then returns with two over medium eggs and a piece of turkey sausage and tells us just keep it...no big Deal!!  By this time I am dying...again she returns Finally with an over well egg and some bacon too which just busted out laughing!!  Too beat it all our ticket was right on the first time so I have no idea how many voids she created for the manager that day and I sure hope that none of my servers screw up that many times without hhaving a manager visit the table.  We were stuffed needless to say!!
We then headed back to Leanne's house where mom slept, the kids played, and Leanne and I worked.  We had some fun while we did it and then it was time to say goodbye again.  I am not sure why this is so hard on all of us but it is.  We hugged goodbye and the tears came again.  Lucas was sobbing begging Addy once again to go.  I was crying trying to explain to Lucas that she was coming next week.  Mom and Leanne were crying because it is like your heart being ripped out watching these kids cry like their best friend just died.  Addy hugs my neck as tight as she can and tears begin to form in her eyes.  It is heart breaking.
Addy called me this evening to tell me that she missed me and I broke down again.  She was just chatting away and I was crying.  I then talked to Leanne and was crying while her and I talked about the fact that our kids wouldn't be going to school together (we always thought Lucas, Addy, Wilkins, and Logan would all be in the same school). Lucas and Addy are only two years older than Wilkins and Logan.  I had to get off the phone with her to get a hold of myself then Addy calls me back to say..."Aunt B you weren't suppose to hang up cause I had something else to tell you.  I miss you and I love you."
At that point there was no holding back.  I told her the same and got off the phone cause I couldn't keep it together any longer.  I am in tears now just typing it...is this ever going to get easier?!  I am praying that things will happen to move my sister back to Tenn, five minutes down the road!!


She's moved...

But not really cause she Has been here since the day she moved! I don't know if I will ever be able to miss her cause I have seen her more since she moved and I didn't think that was possible...lol
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Pierced Ears...

So Wilkins has been talking about getting earrings for a couple of weeks now and so today we finally did it.  She was such a big girl and was so excited to get it done.  Addy went with us because she is spending the weekend with me instead of going to South Haven for church!!  So she is not a very happy camper right now because she really wanted to get her ears done!  After we got her ears pierced, we went to Chucky Cheese to eat pizza and play games.  Now the fun begins with keeping Wilkins' ears cleaned and her earrings turned for the next 6 weeks!!  Both the girls are down for a nap right now and I am enjoying the peace and quiet!!!

All done with a sucker and a sticker!


Who wants to go shopping with us?!

Only 5 of our wonderful 7 kids
Will said he could be like any statue

Logan dressed up a little girl

Trying to talk Addy into being a peacock for Halloween

Never a dull moment when you are with us...probably one of the last shopping trips before Yaya moves away...:’(
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Its only getting harder...

and harder. 

I knew that LeAnne moving was going to be hard but I never realized how hard it has and is going to be.  I literally cry at the thought of them moving.  I cry because i am not going to see the kids on a regular basis.  I cry when I talk about it with mom and Haley.  I cry when the kids mention moving.  I just didn't realize it would be so hard before they even packed anything up.

Will has been with us for the past couple of days and I have come to the realization that he doesn't really get it.  He said something about moving and said that they were going to come back to Murfreesboro every weekend.  I cried while I explained to him that he wouldn't be coming back every weekend.  I sobbed after I got done talking to him (he couldn't see me) because I know how much he is going to miss living here and being around Lucas, Logan, and Wilkins.  And how Levi won't even remember being around Will as he gets older except for on holidays and special occasions. 

This is, by far, the hardest thing I have had to go through in quite sometime.  I got boxes for LeAnne from work yesterday and I cried while I put them in my car.  I want them to be happy but I also want to be completely selfish at the same time.  Is that even possible?!  I know I am rambling but this is where my thoughts are leading me.

I never thought when I scheduled my vacation (starts tomorrow) that it would be to help my sister pack!  I really don't know if I can.  I don't know if I can help put the boxes in the car and watch them drive off to Alabama.  (once again the tears are rolling down my face)  I know some people may think that we are nuts for being so emotional about this but if you know us you know that my sisters are not only sisters...they are truly my best friends.  I feel like my arm is being ripped from my body...my heart hurts so bad right now. 

Saturday is getting here way too soon...it doesn't look like things are going to change.  It looks like it is going to happen after all.  For all of you in Alabama, LeAnne is an acquired taste.  She can be the most impatient pain in the butt and have you laughing so hard you are crying.  She is not always the most tactful person in the world but she has a good heart.  She can yell and scream at her kids all she wants but she will lay down her life for any of them. 

I can't type anymore right now because I have tears and snot rolling down my face (I know...GROSS) and I just need to get myself together.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the next week or so cause it ain't getting any easier...


Where does time go?!

Who has time to blog during the summer?!

Only 2 blog posts in June = TERRIBLE!!

It's catch up time with some pictures...sorry for getting so behind...

Blake and Wilkins...BUDDIES = DOUBLE TROUBLE

Yaya wearing Addy's shoes...DORK!

Yaya torturing Lucas yet again!

Haley "helping" Yaya...

Amanda, Levi, and Carley scared to death of Yaya because she has
panty hose on her head...another child to torture!!

Wilkins in her "pakini"

Wilkins and I at Chick-fil-a...what a conversation?!

Addy, Wilkins, and Will at Baskin Robbins after a day of me working
and them swimming

What a day of swimming does to her...ahhhh peace and quiet for me!

A day of shopping...just me, mom, LeAnne, Addy, and Wilkins
Some very random pictures and some very fun times in the past month...

Seems like most are centered around LeAnne but she is typically the life of the party especially late at night.  These are the times I am gonna miss most when she moves to Alabama.  It's not like she will just be 5 minutes down the road so we won't be staying up to all hours of the night doing crazy stuff!  The closer it gets the harder is getting.  I really can't imagine not seeing her every day (and yes we do see each other just about every day).  I am gonna miss her, Haley, and all the kids popping up at my work for breakfast.  Life is not gonna be the same...what is Wilkins going to do without her Yaya?!  What am I gonna do without Addy?!  It's not that she is my pick but she has always been my baby...before I had Wilkins I had Addy.  When Wilkins was born and I was on maternity leave Addy stayed with me almost every day...

Y'all will think this is crazy but there are literally tears running down my face as I type all this.  Will, Wilkins, and Addy are laying on a blanket in the floor watching a movie and I am sitting here crying like a goofball because they are gonna be gone in two weeks or less.  I really thought things would work out to where they wouldn't move but I guess I was mistaken.  Bryson got the holy ghost this week at Smyrna and I thought to myself, "This is what needed to happen to keep them here" but it doesn't look like that is going to work.  I am so proud of Bryson but I worry so much about him moving to such a bigger church with a bigger crowd.  I know if he was here he wouldn't ever get looked over because of the small crowd.   

Enough rambling for me...who knows what the future holds?!  We can't predict it...what I do know is the next couple of weeks is only going to get harder so please keep all of us in your prayers because we desperately need it...