Well, I am still losing weight which is good. It's only the second week and I was hoping for a huge weight loss but it hasn't happened yet.  I am pretty steady losing the same amount two weeks in a row!! 

Truth be told I have been paying real close attention to what I eat (I do have MINOR meltdowns from time to time and need some chocolate!!) and just started working out!!  Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred is kicking my butt!!  I am aching all over!!  NO PAIN NO GAIN!!

I am more determined more now than I ever have been to not only lose weight but to tone up too.  I am ready to be back down to the size I was before I got pregnant.  I am thinking about going ahead and joining a gym cause I think I would get more motivation to lose it. 

Anyway, the hardest part is when I am at home.  I am so busy at work that I am not bothered by food but when I am home it TAUNTS me!!! 

Oh well the count down is on to Disney World and hopefully by then I will have lost at least 20 or more pounds.  Thats five weeks so I am thinking it is very possible...


So funny...

...I just had to share what my goofy neice said to her momma!!

"Momma when did I get my left hand?" 

LeAnne responded:  "You were born with it just like your legs, arms, etc."

"But Will said I was born right-handed."  Addy said.

HILARIOUS!!  She is so her momma's child!! 

On another note...I lost 4lbs my first week of doing Weight Watchers.  ONLY 36lbs to go but at least I made some progress!! 


Weight Watchers...

...I can honestly say that I NEVER EVER thought those two words would come out of my mouth much less be joining it!!  WHY?!  WHY?! WHY?!  Don't get me wrong I love my little "attitude throwing" Wilkins to death but I absolutely hate the fact that I have never lost the weight she made me gain!! 

I am having a really hard time with this whole Weight Watchers thing because I am not a big fruit and veggie eater...I am more of a CHOCOLATE eater!! 

We started this on Tuesday and I think that the cards are seriously stacked against me!!  Thursday one of my employees brought me a whole container of NO BAKE COOKIES...MY FAV!!  Then today my gm's daughter brought in a dozen cupcakes from GIGI'S!!  I tried to resist but I couldn't!!  The cupcake was like 14 points!!  I have given up my precious DR PEPPER  and I really don't know how I am surviving to be honest!! 
My goal is to lose 40lbs and I will be back down to the size I was before Wilkins was born...probably not all before Disney but hopefully I can stick this out and start seeing some real results!! 

Everyone pray for me to have LOTS AND LOTS of WILL POWER!!


Christmas Highlights...

Breakfast with Ms Claus at Chick-fil-a

and Santa Claus

Pooped after breakfast with the Claus' and a long
day of Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve.

Showing off her new Christmas panties

New pjs...

Decorating Santa's cookies...
Santa came...

in total shock...

Crying because she hates wearing long sleeves!  And I made her
wear long sleeves, her coat, and a blanket around her ears.
Mean ol' mommy!!  lol

Mom's house before our presents were added...

mine and Haley's presents added...

Now with LeAnne's presents...barely walking room!

Addy and Lucas

Logan and Wilkins

All seven...

Yep...not only does Haley encourage her 6 yr old to walk home...
she buries her 10 mth old with presents!!!  lol!!  Now that's
a mean ol' mommy!!

Remind you of a scary movie?! 
Can we say Freddie Kruger?! (spelling??)