Well, I am still losing weight which is good. It's only the second week and I was hoping for a huge weight loss but it hasn't happened yet.  I am pretty steady losing the same amount two weeks in a row!! 

Truth be told I have been paying real close attention to what I eat (I do have MINOR meltdowns from time to time and need some chocolate!!) and just started working out!!  Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred is kicking my butt!!  I am aching all over!!  NO PAIN NO GAIN!!

I am more determined more now than I ever have been to not only lose weight but to tone up too.  I am ready to be back down to the size I was before I got pregnant.  I am thinking about going ahead and joining a gym cause I think I would get more motivation to lose it. 

Anyway, the hardest part is when I am at home.  I am so busy at work that I am not bothered by food but when I am home it TAUNTS me!!! 

Oh well the count down is on to Disney World and hopefully by then I will have lost at least 20 or more pounds.  Thats five weeks so I am thinking it is very possible...

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  1. Just stopping by from Playing With Angels. Good luck to you on your weight loss journey! Have fun at Disney World!