Old Friends, Fond Memories...

Tonight was a good night.  I got to see some old friends that I don't get to see as much as when we were younger.  Of course, I am not one to call people out (YEAH RIGHT) but it would have been even better to have seen the wife of these fellows...DREA! 

Either way it was like old times...funny how when you don't see some people for long periods of time but yet it isn't hard to pick up where you left off.  Of course next time Justin hits me in the back of he head I will have to hit him back.  Really enjoyed the laughs with Joe David, Dustin, Chad, and even Justin after the shock of him hitting me.

Just so you know Drea I told Joe David he should let you get out more often...I mean it seems like your only contact to the real world is blogging and then it is basically just you talking to everyone hoping to get a comment or two.  Believe me Drea their is still life out there that are above the age of 10!! lol!!  Love ya and missed ya tonight.


Soccer Pictures/Cardin Reunion

My posts are few and far between...Here are some pictures of the past few weekends. 

Who knows?!  No more hair bows while playing
soccer due to a minor melt down the week before when it kept
falling out.

Donnie and Anita

Aunt Thelma and Bruce

Darrel and Haley



Logan and Ethan


Wilkins and Blake

They are amazed with a frog Will caught!!

On our way to the playground...

Blake and Wilkins

again...pretty much all day long.

No telling what these two are talking about

Amanda feeding Levi a marshmallow
I will try to get more frequent about posting to my blog...


Happy Birthday to me!!!

Wow...it has been so long since I have last blogged!!  A lot has changed in my life but one thing has definitely stayed the same...my birthday still came and I am now another year older!! UGH!! 

Wilkins and I moved out and live on our own for the first time since she was a few months old!!  I love it and hate it all at the same time. I used didn't have to worry about taking her anywhere when I went to work but now I do and it sucks!!  I got spoiled to that!!  I also was pretty stupid when I moved in with my parents...I got rid of everything I had right down to a flippin' can opener!!  So now I am having to buy everything all over again and it for real SUCKS!!  But I have my own place and it is super nice to have my own space!!  Wilkins loves it and now she gets to visit her grandparents like most normal kids.  Of course she has developed some sort of attitude because she now gets away with anything and everything at her mammy and grandaddy's house!! 

Another interesting thing is Wilkins and Logan are playing soccer now too.  I can't wait to see their first game...it should be super interesting!!  Of course the uniform is absolutely hideous!!  All black, so of course I have spruced it up a little with hot pink and black cleets, along with pink shin guards, and of course a huge pink bow!!  Gotta make it look a little cute!!

Things at work seem to working in my favor which is good so now all I can hope for is I find a money tree somewhere because I am super broke!! 

Until next time....