Black Friday!!

This has got to be the craziest night ever!!!  Who gets up at 4am on Thanksgiving Day, works until 5pm, and then gets a head start on shopping at 10pm with no sleep in between!!  ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!  But at the same time it has got to be one of the best nights ever.  Have you ever been around some Cardins or Middlebrooks girls when they have had no sleep?!  To start with the goal was to leave by 10pm to head to Opry Mills but as usual my mom (she is over 50 you know) can't find her glasses or her phone which is a pretty common thing these days!!  Hilarious...I am not sure how she ever survived without a cell phone before.  This is almost a part of her as the hair on her head.  Eventually we do get to leave, only to stop at McDonald's to grab a quick bite for the road to give us some shopping energy!!  You would have thought a bus of 200 people showed up because that is how long it took for us to get our food!  Needless to say our itenary was really being messed with by this point...
We finally get to Opry Mills, find a really good parking spot.  We all jump out ready to go stand in line to get in or at least I thought we all jumped out...  Anyone who has children knows how important the child safety lock is right?!  LeAnne is sitting in back on the side that Wilkins is always on and doesn't quite make it out of the vehicle.  Me, mom, and Haley jump out and start walking briskly toward the door then we hear someone banging on the window.  Oh yeah it was LeAnne...there were people sitting in the car next to ours so I am pretty sure they were very entertained by us.  She was stuck in the car which caused me, mom, and Haley to double over laughing instead of running to her rescue.  We are literally standing in the parking lot laughing, trying not to wet ourselves!!  You had to be there it was hilarious!! 
We got some really good deals at the Disney Store and Coco Bonbons (the cutest but very expensive children's clothes).  We left there at about 2:30am to drive back to Murfreesboro, dropped off what we had already bought at the house and took off again.  We went to Toys-R-Us and quickly left because it was absolutely insane in there.  We then stopped at a gas station to get some more food to snack on of course!  (2nd time we have eaten...no wonder the pounds just keep hanging on)  For some reason we decide to stand at Belk's for almost 45 minutes in the freezing cold, with all 4 of us huddled together under one measley little blanket, to get a gift card!!  We just knew that surely one of us would get more than a $5 gift card...NOT!!!  And for some reason, mom used all 4 of our gift cards but we all ended up buying stuff in there...she still knows how to control us even after all these years!!  lol
By this time, LeAnne is done...she literally sleeps the rest of the time while we go to Target (except we woke her up to drop us off at the door and then let her go park somewhere), SAMS, and Kohl's.  We stood in line at Kohl's for almost 2 hours which again I say INSANE!  But at SAMS we got to eat for the 3rd time!  They had sausage and cheese biscuits with a bottle of OJ!!  Good energy food for us while we waited in line at Kohl's.  And of course we round off our morning by stopping @ McDonald's at 9am...YES I SAID 9AM!!  We eat for a 4th time which I don't know if the lack of sleep made us hungry or if it was just all in our heads!! 
After being up for almost 30 hours straight, getting some good deals, and eating my way to every store I finally got about 5 hours of sleep.  It was hard to even get that much because let's not forget I have a 1 year old!! 
Here is the ending to the shopping extravangza or should I say just the beginning...we woke up STARVING!!  So of course we went to CHEDDARS to eat for a 5th time...I can't figure out why I am not dropping wait!!!   HA HA! 
All in all my first Black Friday was quite the experience with loads of fun with just us girls, not a whole lot of sleep but definitely a trip we will talk about for years to come!!  Wish I had pictures to post with this but unfortunately I couldn't get pictures while my arms were full!!