Now taking donations in three states...pretty exciting...

Contact Cynthia Wynn Congo if you are interested in the Scottsboro, Al area donating anything for the tornado victims...

....Mattie's Place, 610 South Broad Street, Scottsboro, AL 35768...I don't mind meeting either, not a problem at all! Phone Number is (256) 529-3174

Contact Tiffany Gamble Williams if you are interested in the Atlanta, Ga area

(770) 560-8618 and email is tiffany.williams430@gmail.com

Organizing a Clothing and Toiletry Drive for Tornado Victims...

We, the Cardin girls (Brandy, LeAnne, and Haley), have been racking our brain to find some way to help our hometown (our friends and family) that has been devastated by the tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia. We have been in contact with some friends and family that have seen the devastation first hand to determine the biggest necessities. The goal we have set for ourselves is to have enough items by Tuesday evening to head out Wednesday morning to fill a U-haul truck. The items most needed will be listed on this page. We are willing to pick up or meet you to get them.

We will be at Higdon Holiness Church on Wednesday.  Exact time to be determined.

Recommended Items:
*Gently-used clean (preferably on hangers) clothes of all sizes both genders
*Toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoos, soap, toilet paper, etc
*Hand sanitizer and Anti bacterial wipes
*Wash clothes and towels (a great need)
*Gently-used shoes, socks, and underwear (new and in packs please) of all sizes
*Baby items such as disposable diapers (all sizes), formula, baby wipes, etc.
*Water...bottled or gallon (for most are still without)

Anyone who would like to donate gift cards to Wal-mart, Target, Publix, or any local store we will be glad to purchase the items.

Feel free to contact by email brandy.cardin@yahoo.com or puddin0408@yahoo.com or by phone (615) 397-7937 and (931) 338-3423.

On Facebook:  Clothing and Toiletry Drive for Tornado Victims


Happy Easter....

Just wanted to tell everyone Happy Easter for now and will tell you all about it later!!  Gotta get showers, do Wilkins' and Addy's hair and get to church!!!

Talk to ya later...


Short but HILARIOUS...

Wilkins just came to me to help her cause her "panties were cracking"!!  I said your panties are what?!  She said "my panties are cracking up"!!  Definitely original....lol!!


Two things I forgot to mention...

...about our trip to Disney World.

We checked into our hotel on Wednesday afternoon and went straight over to the Magic Kingdom.  We didn't get back to the hotel until late and we stopped at the front desk for something.  Lucas was laying over in the stroller and was whining so mom told him to just go over and lay on one of the couches.  Dumb move on our part...we walked away and left him!!!  LOL!!  We didn't get all the way out of the doors before we remembered him.  If he would have woke up he would have been hysterical...hello, his mom is Haley!!  Can we say DRAMATIC?!  LOL!!

The next funny thing is we took Haley's sit and stand stroller (which was a piece of crap anyway) and mom thought that she would sit on the front of it while the kids and I were watching the Move It! Shake It! Parade. Little did she know that I witnessed her sitting on this stroller and it crumbling beneath her (LOL)!!  It was hilarious and why I couldn't have had a video camera in my hand at the time?!  So funny!!  Sorry mom!!


Day 6 Breakfast @ Chef Mickey's/Dinner @ Whispering Canyon's Cafe

Goofy drinking Addy's drink
needless to say she wouldn't drink out of it again

LeAnne's child...


Downtown Disney

Day 5 Magic Kingdom/dinner @ 1900 Park Fare

Logan about to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad
He loved it!

Lucas is scared to death!

I managed to snap a few during the ride.

Our dessert...we had two of them!

As we were leaving the lady made these out of stickers
They were pirates!

The second time he fell in 5 minutes...we about peed
on ourselves laughing at him cause he just laid
there!  He didn't even cry!  People probably thought
we were horrible.

It was 2am...