Wilkins' 15mth dr appointment...

So when do the shots end?? I sure didn't know that when I took Wilkins to the doctor yesterday she was in for 4 more shots!! I wasn't at all prepared for this. She had to have one in each arm and one in each leg but she took it like a champ! She gets really mad and as soon as it is over she looks at the nurse and glares...no tears just a lot of hollering! Bless her heart but she has a clean bill of health. The doctor even mentioned something about her eating...not the lack there of! She weighed 24lbs and was 29in tall. She is growing like a little weed. Unfortunately, she is nothing like a little weed because it just stays put...she is more like a vine winding her way into anything and everything she can get into.
My life just seems to get crazier and crazier...I think that my GM is about to get fired. I can't say that I am sad to see him go but I do feel bad for his family. If he would have only did his job and quit trying to just do what has to be done in order to get by. I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring...my district manager is suppose to be here. I am not worried because I am actually in a really good place as far as work is concerned. I should be a GM by January and make the big bucks!! Then Disney World won't just be once a year...LOL!


My Little Devil...

Wilkins, my little devil...

Wilkins is 15 months old and she keeps me on my toes!! I can't turn my head for one second because if I do she is into something else. You know when people say don't talk about other people's kids because yours will be worse...well they were RIGHT!

I have a mixture of both my sister's kids bad traits...LOL!!

Bryson: loves to eat all the time whether full or not!
Will: always climbing on something he shouldn't be on!
Addy Mae: bossy, girly, stubborn, and instead of a silky we have a big furry blanket...YUK!
Lucas: right under his mommy's feet!
Logan: into everything he shouldn't be in!

And somewhere along the way she got this thing where she stomps her foot!!

She has this one drawer in her room that she can now reach and open that has hair bows, combs, etc... that she just can't stay out of. I literally spatted her leg 5 different times yesterday and it didn't even phase her. She then just went and stood by the drawer pointing at it and crying. She was determined for me to feel sorry for her...needless to say it didn't happen!!

Another thing that really cracks me up is whenever we go out in public everyone comments on how pretty she is. The funny part is they talk about how her lips are perfect!! WHAT?! I have never in my life heard anyone comment on how pretty a babies lips are...have you? I am talking the first time I took her to the doctor when she was just 3 weeks old that is the first thing the nurse said. She actually said perfect lips like Angelina Jolie!! How is that possible? I thought it was a fluke but I was wrong because just the other day I heard it for like the 10th time!!! CRAZY!



WOW...have I been busy?! First, on Wednesday of last week my sister, Haley, takes my dad to the emergency room because he was having chest pains. So when I got off work I went to the hospital and stayed until about 11pm. A lot of fun it was to be up there with Wilkins too...she was not having a whole lot of fun until she figured out the wheelchair was sort of a ride...

Unfortunately, I also had to work the next day from 10am-9pm. We also (the Trendy Trio {and mom}) had a wedding to get together by Saturday!! My dad ended up getting to come home on Thursday afternoon with lots of follow up with other doctors. He was diagnosed with periphal artery disease. Not sure if that is how you spell it or not...

So to continue the busy week...I worked 7am-5pm on Friday, 5am-3pm on Saturday, and 5am-5pm on Sunday. When I wasn't at Cracker Barrel dealing with all of our wonderful guests and college kids I was getting stuff ready for this wedding that turned out beautiful!! We stayed up until 1am on Friday night cutting watermelon, cantelope, celery, making sandwiches, etc... Then of course when I left work on Saturday I ran home got a shower and back to the wedding venue to keep everything running smoothly. There was a little bit of rain but it ended up passing so that everything turned out great!! Everyone was really happy with how it turned out especially Shuan and Ashley. I will have more pictures posted to our website in a couple of days. Anyway, we stayed and cleaned up the venue until 11pm so by the time I got in the bed on Saturday night I was exhausted. Unfortunately, I still had to be at work in about 4 hours!!! It was rough but I made it and would do it all over again. I can't wait to see all the pictures of the flowers and the reception. LeAnne and Haley did a great job with all the decorating!! Be sure to checking our website to see the pictures...www.thetrendytrioandmom.com