My Little Devil...

Wilkins, my little devil...

Wilkins is 15 months old and she keeps me on my toes!! I can't turn my head for one second because if I do she is into something else. You know when people say don't talk about other people's kids because yours will be worse...well they were RIGHT!

I have a mixture of both my sister's kids bad traits...LOL!!

Bryson: loves to eat all the time whether full or not!
Will: always climbing on something he shouldn't be on!
Addy Mae: bossy, girly, stubborn, and instead of a silky we have a big furry blanket...YUK!
Lucas: right under his mommy's feet!
Logan: into everything he shouldn't be in!

And somewhere along the way she got this thing where she stomps her foot!!

She has this one drawer in her room that she can now reach and open that has hair bows, combs, etc... that she just can't stay out of. I literally spatted her leg 5 different times yesterday and it didn't even phase her. She then just went and stood by the drawer pointing at it and crying. She was determined for me to feel sorry for her...needless to say it didn't happen!!

Another thing that really cracks me up is whenever we go out in public everyone comments on how pretty she is. The funny part is they talk about how her lips are perfect!! WHAT?! I have never in my life heard anyone comment on how pretty a babies lips are...have you? I am talking the first time I took her to the doctor when she was just 3 weeks old that is the first thing the nurse said. She actually said perfect lips like Angelina Jolie!! How is that possible? I thought it was a fluke but I was wrong because just the other day I heard it for like the 10th time!!! CRAZY!

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