Beverly HIlls 90210...

....someone please tell me you remember this show!!!  Because if not I think I might pull my hair out!! 

For the first time (maybe not the first time but the first time I am willing to admit to) I felt really old today at work. I used to be the young cool (still very cool) manager at work but today when I asked a couple of my employees if they knew who Brandon was from 90210 they looked at me like I was nuts!!

I have an employee that looks exactly like him and it was so frustrating to me that no one could confirm this for me or even agree with me...

I mean he had the little curl in the front of his hair and everything!!

I am only 31 and the music I grew up listening to is now referred to on a radio station as "Back in the Day Sunday"...SERIOUSLY!!! 

I mean you might as well go ahead and give me a walker, a hearing aid, dentures, and throw me in a nursing home!!!

And to top it all off my wonderful little two year old just told me to quit saying her name...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!