The vacation is over...

So I thought for sure that I would blog everyday while we were at Disney World but of course that didn't happen.  Who has time to blog when you are chasing around 2 three year olds and 2 five year olds all day long?!  Who has time to blog when you have four little ones to carry in after they have passed out after a long day of fun,wake them up to give them all baths (because they are nasty), and then put them to bed?!  Don't forget after all that you have to get your own shower and get to bed because the day starts all over pretty early the next morning!!

Don't get me wrong...it was a lot of fun!

The worst part of the trip was leaving Kelsey there...we cried and I miss her terribly right now.  What's worse than that is my little 3 year old doesn't understand why Kelsey isn't here.  She asks for her at least once a day if not more.  That makes me real sad...I hate seeing her missing Kelsey.

Some highlights of the trip:
  • Wilkins asking if Cinderalla was home when she saw her castle
  • Losing Logan only once because he was "shopping" (don't panic only for a few seconds)
  • Helping Lucas spend his $100 EVERY SINGLE DAY...he found lots of stuff but didn't want to come off the money (Bradley)
  • Lucas and Addy...stuck together like glue while Logan and Wilkins fought like cats and dogs
  • Logan rode his first roller coaster...Thunder Mountain
  • Wilkins became way more sassy...(I am about to scream...she thinks she is 5 now)
  • Wilkins and Logan dancing in every show they possibly could...they are not at all bashful
  • Laughing our heads off at how clueless Logan is...he is so funny
  • the drive there and back...I will never do it again!!!
  • Oh and I guess my daughter looks like Boo from Monsters Inc. cause this will make the 3rd year that we have went to that show and the third year they have picked her for Boo...not only that when we met Pocahontas she said she looked like Boo too.  Who Knew?!
There are more highlights but of course I don't remember them all...that's why I should have blogged everyday!!  I am so mad at myself for that but next time I will do it no matter how late it is!! 

Here are some pictures....this is only the first two days!  Next post will be more pictures....

Waiting on the Move It! Shake It! Parade

They were pooped at the end of the first day!!

Kids can sleep any way!!

At the Polynesian resort...breakfast was delicious!!


Hollywood Studios Pixar Parade

Lotso..."I'm a hugger"...only waited about 15 minutes
in an airconditioned building.

Pocahontas laid one on him.


  1. Ok I ONLY thought I was jealous when I found out about going to Disney but NOW I am REALLY jealous.. I want to go so bad, and the kids shirts OML are soooooo adorable!!!

  2. The picture of Lucas asleep looks like yall have tied his arms behind his back!! Oh and Kendra ME TOO!!! I want to go so bad!!OH and I did the shirts Thank YOU!!lol