Two things I forgot to mention...

...about our trip to Disney World.

We checked into our hotel on Wednesday afternoon and went straight over to the Magic Kingdom.  We didn't get back to the hotel until late and we stopped at the front desk for something.  Lucas was laying over in the stroller and was whining so mom told him to just go over and lay on one of the couches.  Dumb move on our part...we walked away and left him!!!  LOL!!  We didn't get all the way out of the doors before we remembered him.  If he would have woke up he would have been hysterical...hello, his mom is Haley!!  Can we say DRAMATIC?!  LOL!!

The next funny thing is we took Haley's sit and stand stroller (which was a piece of crap anyway) and mom thought that she would sit on the front of it while the kids and I were watching the Move It! Shake It! Parade. Little did she know that I witnessed her sitting on this stroller and it crumbling beneath her (LOL)!!  It was hilarious and why I couldn't have had a video camera in my hand at the time?!  So funny!!  Sorry mom!!


  1. I would like to know why the two kids yall lost or forgot on this trip were mine??

  2. ok- I totally laughed for real at the stroller incident (I despise my sit and stand stroller)

    Haley- I think you need to go with them next time.... you may be childless when they return!!