Soccer Pictures/Cardin Reunion

My posts are few and far between...Here are some pictures of the past few weekends. 

Who knows?!  No more hair bows while playing
soccer due to a minor melt down the week before when it kept
falling out.

Donnie and Anita

Aunt Thelma and Bruce

Darrel and Haley



Logan and Ethan


Wilkins and Blake

They are amazed with a frog Will caught!!

On our way to the playground...

Blake and Wilkins

again...pretty much all day long.

No telling what these two are talking about

Amanda feeding Levi a marshmallow
I will try to get more frequent about posting to my blog...

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  1. Just for future reference I hate pictures of me being posted on her. Especially when I am 5000 lbs over weight!!! Weight Watchers here I come!! lol