Weight Watchers...

...I can honestly say that I NEVER EVER thought those two words would come out of my mouth much less be joining it!!  WHY?!  WHY?! WHY?!  Don't get me wrong I love my little "attitude throwing" Wilkins to death but I absolutely hate the fact that I have never lost the weight she made me gain!! 

I am having a really hard time with this whole Weight Watchers thing because I am not a big fruit and veggie eater...I am more of a CHOCOLATE eater!! 

We started this on Tuesday and I think that the cards are seriously stacked against me!!  Thursday one of my employees brought me a whole container of NO BAKE COOKIES...MY FAV!!  Then today my gm's daughter brought in a dozen cupcakes from GIGI'S!!  I tried to resist but I couldn't!!  The cupcake was like 14 points!!  I have given up my precious DR PEPPER  and I really don't know how I am surviving to be honest!! 
My goal is to lose 40lbs and I will be back down to the size I was before Wilkins was born...probably not all before Disney but hopefully I can stick this out and start seeing some real results!! 

Everyone pray for me to have LOTS AND LOTS of WILL POWER!!

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  1. uh it is not all Wilkins fault. The Dr. Pepper, Fudge Rounds and Chocolate pop tarts that you live on had something to do with it!! Just Sayin!