Where does time go?!

Who has time to blog during the summer?!

Only 2 blog posts in June = TERRIBLE!!

It's catch up time with some pictures...sorry for getting so behind...

Blake and Wilkins...BUDDIES = DOUBLE TROUBLE

Yaya wearing Addy's shoes...DORK!

Yaya torturing Lucas yet again!

Haley "helping" Yaya...

Amanda, Levi, and Carley scared to death of Yaya because she has
panty hose on her head...another child to torture!!

Wilkins in her "pakini"

Wilkins and I at Chick-fil-a...what a conversation?!

Addy, Wilkins, and Will at Baskin Robbins after a day of me working
and them swimming

What a day of swimming does to her...ahhhh peace and quiet for me!

A day of shopping...just me, mom, LeAnne, Addy, and Wilkins
Some very random pictures and some very fun times in the past month...

Seems like most are centered around LeAnne but she is typically the life of the party especially late at night.  These are the times I am gonna miss most when she moves to Alabama.  It's not like she will just be 5 minutes down the road so we won't be staying up to all hours of the night doing crazy stuff!  The closer it gets the harder is getting.  I really can't imagine not seeing her every day (and yes we do see each other just about every day).  I am gonna miss her, Haley, and all the kids popping up at my work for breakfast.  Life is not gonna be the same...what is Wilkins going to do without her Yaya?!  What am I gonna do without Addy?!  It's not that she is my pick but she has always been my baby...before I had Wilkins I had Addy.  When Wilkins was born and I was on maternity leave Addy stayed with me almost every day...

Y'all will think this is crazy but there are literally tears running down my face as I type all this.  Will, Wilkins, and Addy are laying on a blanket in the floor watching a movie and I am sitting here crying like a goofball because they are gonna be gone in two weeks or less.  I really thought things would work out to where they wouldn't move but I guess I was mistaken.  Bryson got the holy ghost this week at Smyrna and I thought to myself, "This is what needed to happen to keep them here" but it doesn't look like that is going to work.  I am so proud of Bryson but I worry so much about him moving to such a bigger church with a bigger crowd.  I know if he was here he wouldn't ever get looked over because of the small crowd.   

Enough rambling for me...who knows what the future holds?!  We can't predict it...what I do know is the next couple of weeks is only going to get harder so please keep all of us in your prayers because we desperately need it...

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  1. God has a plan - I don't know what it is - but I've learned down through the years to trust His plans. They are always better than yours and mine. If Yaya is supposed to move, God will wrap His arms around all of you and make everything okay. If she's NOT supposed to move, He can send her back!!! LOL