Stupid momma...

...yes you read it right, "stupid momma"!!  This sweet little face actually said those two words!! 

Tuesday night I told Wilkins to pick up all her toys and get ready for bed and I am guessing that isn't what she wanted to hear.  She started whining and walking down the hall to her bedroom.  I am assuming she didn't realize I was behind her because as soon as she walked in her bedroom she was crying and said "stupid momma"!!  I thought for sure that my ears were deceiving me (total shock) so I said "did you just call me stupid" and that sweet little child you see in this picture said "yes"!!  I absolutely could not believe it?!  I was completely dumbfounded and I am still a little in shock right now righting about it.  I then did the mommy thing and got down to her level and explained that she should never call anyone stupid ESPECIALLY her momma.  And then I did what my mom done to me I spanked her little legs.  It was hard to do...she is normally a pretty good kid.  I mean she has a big attitude and all but normally nothing like this.  She cried very little and I made her apologize and I thought for sure she will NEVER say that again!

WRONG!!  She did it again last night!  Can you believe it?!  So we did the whole cycle again...really a 3 year old?!  I thought for sure I had a couple more years before I had to start dealing with stuff like this!!  Oh please pray for me cause I have a feeling I am gonna need lots over the next 15 years!!!

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  1. Well she just calls it like she sees it!! She comes by it honestly!! LOL