The last two days have been pretty fun!  I have been cooped up in this house for an entire week because it made me too sick to ride or walk...so I was ready to at least try to get out a little. 

I still felt a little crazy because my head was swimming and somehow I ended up driving at one point which was probably a pretty stupid idea...HELLO...I can't really focus too clearly!  Sorry to anyone if I swerved into your lane or stepped on your toes!

We went and grabbed a bite to eat (mom, Haley, me, Kelsey, and of course our kids) and then I had $75 in Gym Bucks (Gymboree) from before Christmas which had to be used of course!!  I had to go search and search to find $150 worth of stuff to buy...had absolutely no problem with that.  In fact, I ended up paying more and earning some other coupon to use the first of February.  I know, I know...hook, line, and sinker!  Got a few great deals...and ended up buying Lucas and Logan an outfit to wear on our Disney trip in March!

And yes I did say Disney trip in March!!  This time it is only going to be me, mom, and the four "little ones" (Lucas, Addy, Logan, and Wilkins) and of course, Kels will probably be traveling with us to see her mom, dad, and Avery. Enough about Disney for right now....

Back to yesterday and today...we went goofing off and made poor little Kelsey (I say that because I absolutely refuse to try on clothes...I had rather buy it and take it back) try on lots of clothes at different stores.  Haley bought her a purse and I splurged a little and bought her a couple of things that were on sale but looked super cute on her.  Then this afternoon after Kels got off work we all went and got a pedicure...oh yeah, love to get a little pampered sometimes.  We all had gift certificates from dad from Christmas so we have just been trying to find a time when we could all go. 

FYI:  a little subtle hint:  anyone who might run into my dad feel free to tell him that I would love another gift certificate for Valentine's Day too.  I know absolutely pitiful right...I don't, nor is there any chance of me having someone else to get it for me on Valentine's Day!!  Pathetic but it's reality and I am ok with it!! 

I think I have rambled enough for now...more to come later when there are more interesting things to talk about other than laying around, dizzy head, or of course I could always talk about the NEVERENDING, absolutely done with it, SNOW!!  I am ready for flip flops!!!

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