Same rant...another day...

So I just thought if I made my blog private then no one could read it that I didn't want to...I was wrong. 

Apparently when you google my name and the place I work together it brings up the posts in which both are named.  When you click the word "CACHED"  it shows that entire post!!  Lovely!!  So is anything really ever private?!  So I am staying private on the chance that I can still vent about my everyday life and hopefully it won't pop up on google if I don't mention specific names.


News from the MRI:  I have a penial cyst on the back of my brain which is just a mass of fluids, basically.  This combined with my vertigo is what caused me to be so sick and off balance. I am suppose to go back for another MRI in three months to make sure nothing has changed.  Who knows what they do if it has?!  I am a little weary of it but they say it is nothing really to be concerned about so I am just gonna go with it.

So back to work on Friday...FINALLY!!

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