Just my luck...

So we all know how my weekend to Pigeon Forge started out...on the side of the road, flat tire, no spare, riding in the back of the state trooper car but finally made it after 3am.  Well the weekend there was fun, of course, but let me tell you how it ended!! 

We are all loading up our cars to leave and low and behold whose car got broke into?!  Yep...MINE!!  Pretty frustrating when I think about it.  There was absolutely nothing in it to steal except for a set of portable DVD players or so I thought!!  Whatever jerk did it decided to grab a stack of CDs (Wilkins') that were in the middle console that we listen to all the time...Cabbage Patch Christmas, Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Little People, etc...  That part really frustrated me because it was her stuff...nothing expensive just stuff she likes.  The part that I didn't even realize until I got home was the shoes that I had bought her a Stride Rite.  I had bought her a pair of shoes back at Thanksgiving at the outlets and ended up getting home with the wrong pair so I had held onto them until then to go in and exchange them which I did.  Unfortunately, I left the receipt in the bag and so the idiot took those and probably took them back to get the cash.  Pretty frustrating way to start and end the weekend.

Just wait though it gets better...I go back to work on Monday (with tons of snow) and my gm puts me in a hotel next door for Tuesday (cause I have to be there at 430am) only to start puking my guts up around 9pm!!  Oh yes...I ended up being up all night with both puking and diarrhea...lots of fun!  I tried to get up to go to work but I just didn't have enough strength to do it.  It must have been just a 24 hour thing because by Tuesday evening I was feeling better.

So Wednesday morning I get up at 4am to get ready for work and realized that I don't have a belt and my bra (the one I like the most)!!  I had left it in the hotel because the next morning I just put on my jacket, shoes, and toboggan and left in my pajamas!!  OOPs!  Wednesday went by fine and then went to work on Thursday @ 5am. 

I kept feeling funny...like my head was swimming or a drunk feeling.  I kept telling my employees that I felt funny and I kept stumbling around.  I ended up feeling so weak that I couldn't get out of the chair...I kept nearly passing out.  I don't remember much except for that one of my employees basically carried me to my sister's car.  I ended up going to the emergency room (for hours) getting an iv, taking blood, a ct scan, and an ekg and sent home with some prescriptions for vertigo!  I have not been back to work yet and I am still not back to normal!  I am still having these crazy dizzy spells...I went to a neurologist on Monday and have to go to an ENT doctor tomorrow plus some kind of physical therapy.  I am also scheduled for an MRI on Tuesday.  They are saying I can go back to work on Monday which I am hoping to be so cause I am tired of being at home...I can't even stand to ride in a car because it makes me even more sick!  So needless to say without BAD luck I most certainly wouldn't have any luck at all! 

I can promise that if anything else bad comes my way you might as well go ahead and lace up that straight jacket (that Drea talks about all the time) for me cause I might just kill whomever is delivering the news!!!  LOL!!

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