So this is going to be a short and sweet update...

My night pretty much sucked!  It is 330am my time and I am just now getting into my hotel in Pigeon Forge!!  We left for Pigeon Forge at 830am!!!  We got just outside of Cookville and had a freaking flat tire and guess what...NO SPARE!  We call the Tennessee Highway Patrol and they ask us where we are EXACTLY and of course we don't know because we aren't paying a lick of attention.  Who really does pay attention to things such as mile markers?!  THP tells us that we are going to have to call 911 so that they can get an exact location of where we are through our cell phone...really?!  I thought 911 was just for emergency but apparently not. 

We figure out where we are and get a few numbers of some local towing companies...$$$$$!  We call and have no luck with the first 3 we call...one was to far away, one was only for trucks, and of course one was having a medical emergency (he must have lost his toe...lol).  The state trooper arrived and offered to give us a ride back to a hotel for the night but we decided to call one more.  And just our luck we ended up with some luck..C & D Towing in Gordonsville.  This man was super nice to come out at 1100 at night, tow my car, and he just so happened to have the size tire I needed.  He ended up changing my tire and only charged me $120...absolutely amazing.  I just knew it was going to cost me my right arm to get this taken care of or I was going to have to wait until morning.

Our fun adventure also included me, Kelsey, and Wilkins riding in the back of the state trooper's car and mom riding in the tow truck.  It was not the idea trip to Pigeon Forge but it could have been a lot worse and a lot more expensive.  So now that we are here the snow can come on....

Goodnight everyone....


  1. Ok so the snow has to wait until I get there. We weren't lucky enough to leave the night before. Oh and you always correct me on my typos... You left at 8:30PM....LOL Just sayin...

  2. Bless it!! That is awful and there is not hardly a worse feeling than being stranded with any type of car trouble!! I am glad yall made it ok..... and hopefully you can keep your eyes open in your class :)

  3. Bless your hearts!! Please tell me y'all took pictures?!

  4. You got me Haley...we left at 830pm but I did type this at 4am so my eyes were a little heavy!

    Sorry Shelby we didn't think to take any pictures although I guess we could reneact it...NOT!