Let's play catch up...

Last I blogged I had car trouble on the way to the Middlebrooks' Christmas in Pigeon Forge...what fun we had?!  Picture this:  37 people (mixture of Middlebrooks', Cardin's, Pritchett's, plus throw in a Guffey or two, a Bridges, and a Blackmon and you pretty much get it) in a huge 15 bedroom cabin with tons of food and tons of snow...WOW...what a weekend?!

Here are only a handful of pictures from the weekend.

Uncle Herbie

Avery was making a snowball but Scott hit his hand and smashed it in his own face!

LeAnne (everybody watch out!)

Aunt Maronica making gingerbread cookies with the little ones
(without the cookie mix...inside joke)

The kids cheering for pool...goofy kids.

Blake and Wilkins...bless his heart she just bosses him around.

Watching Bradley's brothers playing Just Dance on WII

Scott collapsed on the floor from skiing all day and then I
tackled him!  Too weak to fight!

Putting a Disney puzzle together...while Scott and Kyle
kept stealing the pieces (they wanted to put the last piece in)

Love this picture of Aunt Maronica and Wilkins

loved the snow

Kyle acting like he was going into a blizzrd....DORK!

The great grandkids from tallest to shortest (11+one on the way)

The great grandkid (BOYS)

The great grandkids (GIRLS) outnumbered by the boys.

the 2 year olds...Riley, Wilkins, and Blake

the 3 year olds...Logan and Zak

the 5 year olds...Lucas, Addy, and Alex

the 3 oldest great grandkids...Will, Emily, and Bryson

The last 5 grandkids...Avery, Brandon, Andrew, Kelsey, and Emma

acting stupid

the 5 kids...Daniel, Chris, Herbie, Monica, and Maronica

with spouses...Sonya, Lora, Sheila, Tim, and Kevin with Granny
and Grandaddy

all the grandkids with spouses (minus Beth and Cody)
Kyle, Amy, me, Michael, LeAnne, Bradley, Haley, Scott, Tyree,
Andrew, Kelsey, Avery, Brandon, and Emma

Inside joke...if you want to hear a funny story ask mom about the
gift...yes that is "adult wipes" (gag gift)

here are two more hints to the funny story...panties (too small)
and red velvet cake mix...ask her!

another gag gift...HUGE black panties for Uncle Chris

poor Scott trying to sleep...Daniel messing with him
Too Funny!!

We love this one...he has on Woody's hat!!!

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