So I thought that nothing get worse than Friday but I was so very wrong!!  I had to be at work at 5am again today and as I was driving up I noticed that the entire road leading up to my store was dark!  Needless to say, I unlock the door only to find that our power is out too!  That means more drama for me....yeaaaa! 
I call the electric company only to listen to an automated operator forever.  After listening to a bunch of different options a real live person finally comes on the line.  I tell her of the power outage only for her to tell me "Ok.  We have someone in route to that area to find out the source of the power outage and we will add you to the list."  ARE YOU KIDDING?  I don't think she realized how important it is that we open the doors at 6am to serve eggs and bacon to those committed guests.  I mean we have people standing at the door before we even open just to have good ol' southern cookin'!!  I don't completely understand this madness.  Who in their right mind is standing anywhere at 6am on a Saturday or Sunday when they don't have to...they choose to!  Absolutely the most insane thing in the world to me but let me tell you they do...I had to tell quite a few people that we weren't going to be opening on time and direct them to the next one despite the fact that there was a sign on the door stating the exact same thing.  I think that seeing a note on the front door saying:  "Due to the power outage we will not be opening at 6am.  Sorry for the inconvience but there is another one at exit 81B (Murfreesboro) and at exit 66 (Smyrna).  We will open as soon as we can."  just completely made these loyal guests stare in shock!  So they needed me to take time to walk all the way to the front door to explain to them what was going on because that note was just so CONFUSING! 
Anyway, our power ended up coming back on around 615am allowing us to open just a little before 7am which wasn't too bad.  So on top of the power outage and the late start I ended up being short about 4 servers that were actually scheduled but could have used about 6 more, down 1 host, had a SA (sets up all the food) that had to much to drink last night and was pretty much worthless, 3 of the servers ended up being late...so a wonderful start to the last day of a very eventful weekend.  Oh yeah...let's not forget that my GM decided to get to work extremely early (5am with me...which I hate someone messing with my opening routine and talking to me that early period!) so that he could finish his charts (which he was suppose to finish before he left yesterday).  And to top it all off my DM decided to show up around 1230pm to have a visit because I guess he thought that my weekend just wasn't eventful enough!  You think that those people who stand at the door before we open is loyal you should have seen the insane people who waited 30 and 40 minutes to eat today!  We were on a wait until almost 3pm...hello, go to a drive thru!!  So at least the weekend is over and I guess I can just chalk it up to everyone should have to experience this kind of stuff at least once in their 9 years.  I hope that I only have to experience it only this once and never again!!!
Now to enjoy my two days off...only to return at 5am on Wednesday to await the anticipated visit from the COO,  my RVP (regional vice president), and my DM again.  I can't wait.....just kidding I will be fine without this ever happening!!
I will let you know how it turns out...

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  1. Ok Grammar police..I would be in shock to if Cracker Barrel signs said "Do to a power outage" Like who doesn't know it is "Due" LOL