Not my day...

Thank goodness Friday is over!!  Let me give you a run down of how my day went yesterday and why I am still recovering today!
Let's start with the funny part (at my expense) of my Friday afternoon! I went straight to get my hair cut and colored after work. I have been going to the same person for over 7 years and I really don't care what she does with my hair as long as she doesn't color it purple, pink, or any other crazy color. I don't normally care how short she cuts it either as long as I don't have to have my neck shaved because it will eventually grow out. But today I told her some specifics...I want my hair shorter (not touching my shoulders), layered some in the back (so it will be fuller), and a little bit longer on the sides. Other than that I don't really care what the color is or anything. Well, me being me, I don't really pay anymore attention after that because I am just not one of those girls who really cares what my hair looks like. I mean it is naturally curly so I can't really style it anyway so why should I, right? Wrong! I am talking and she is cutting and cutting (still not paying attention).  I am to busy talking about my upcoming trip to Disney World with the other hair stylist, who also loves Disney as much as I do, to really even care how much she had cut.  She tells me to flip my head over (normally she styles my hair straight), which I do. She is drying my hair while scrunching it with her other hand and who knows how much product she has already put in it! I flip my head back up only  to find myself looking like I have a fro...for real! And not only has she made my hair really, really big (as most hair stylists do) but she also has managed to cut BANGS! Not only do I have bangs now but she has straightened them with a flat iron. So picture this...Ronald McDonald with straight bangs, parted to the right side, angling down to cover my eye (annoying to say the least)! Needless to say I tell her I look like I have stuck my finger in a light socket and thank goodness I am going home and no where else! Of course, my mom and sisters were practically rolling on the floor laughing when they saw me...glad I could entertain!

Now for some more entertainment, again at my expense!  I have been to the tanning bed 3 times in the last week and have not been burnt one time.  In all actuality, I don't really think I have ever really been burnt...maybe a little red but nothing bad until now!  I go to the tanning bed last night and the girl working talks me into going to the "standup bed".  Not only is this the most uncomfortable thing in the world but I will never do it again.  You are literally standing in something like a capsule almost like being in a coffin except for the top is open and of course, it isn't dark.  So I am in this thing and I can't for the life of me get comfortable.  They have these two bars for you to hold on to so that your arms are not down by your side but I just couldn't fathom standing like that for 10 minutes.  So the entire time I am feeling rather awkward trying to find some way to place my arms without holding on to those bars.  I end up putting my hands on my hips and then realizing that if I do that then I am going to have hand prints on my sides.  Never did find a good way to stand but it doesn't matter because I will never do it again.  Especially after waking up in the middle of the night on FIRE!  I am not kidding.  Saying I look like a lobster is the understatement of the year...I couldn't get comfortable all night.  My skin is literally on fire and somehow I manage to get burnt under my arms which is unbelievable because I don't think I had my arms up but a minute or two.  Being burnt under the arms is the most uncomfortable thing ever.  It isn't that bad when I am at home and don't have a bra on but unfortunately I had to work today.  So with work comes stupidity.  I mean I had to state the obvious all day long when everyone asked me "are you burnt?"  DUH!  Finally, I just started making up some of the most absurd stories about why I was so red.  It was a very miserable day...I ended up going in the bathroom taking off my shirt, then my bra, and lathering up with lotion twice.  I was hurting so, so bad.  I came home stripped down and had my mother rub aloe all over my back which helped for all of 15-20 minutes.  Unfortunately, I couldn't even relish in the temporary relief because while my mom was putting aloe on my back Wilkins decided to pull her diaper off, which was dirty, and bring it to me.  Needless to say she managed to get it down her leg and on her feet.  So my mom stood her in the bathtub to go get some fresh wipes while I tried cleaning up the diaper she had dropped.  I guess my mom forgot that Wilkins can climb out of the bathtub because she came running around the corner, poop still on her leg and feet, and now smeared on the bathtub from where she climbed out!!!  FUN! FUN!  I went ahead and gave Wilkins a bath while I cleaned up everything else, finished lathering up with aloe only to realize I was miserable with clothes on period.  I don't know how I am going to make it through tomorrow with clothes on.  I still burn just sitting her with a t-shirt and panties on so if this doesn't get any better tomorrow is gonna suck and on top of that my DM is suppose to be there! 

Now to how my Friday actually started:
I had to be at work at 5am only to find the manager that had closed the night before was still there!  Always a bad sign!!  The hood cleaners had came and usually they are done by 3am at latest but this time they managed to mess up our ANSUL system.  For those of you who do not know what that is...it is like an automatic fire extinguisher.  If the grill or something was to catch on fire it would automatically put the fire out and shut down all gas from continuing to go to the grill.  Well, somehow they managed to trip the switch causing the gas to shut off and in turn managing to shut down all of our ovens, 2 of the 4 kettles, and most of the electricity in the back of the kitchen.  The other manager let me know that the people who are coming to work on it would not be able to be at our store until 7am...not good!  We are suppose to open at 6am.  So I get on the phone and start calling all of our employees, telling them not to come in until 7am.  In the meantime the guys get there and let us know that this was going to be at minimum three hours, which puts us now opening (if we are lucky) at 10am or 11am!  I told the other manager to leave because he had to be back at 3pm and began making calls again letting the employees know to enjoy the rest of their morning off.  I then sent the 7 or 8 employees that were there home and told them to call back around 930am.  So here is where it gets real fun...I can't manage to get away from the phone because everyone can't imagine why we aren't open and of course, I am the only manager working.  (Should be two managers on a Friday morning but my GM decided not to come in at 5am like he was scheduled.)  I have been on the phone with my district manager numerous times by now and he is unhappy that I am by myself considering the crisis we have going on.  He lets me know that my GM told him (DM) that he had worked until 330am...NOT! (LIE #1)  He most certainly did not work...in fact, so far everyone that I have talked to that worked on Thursday didn't even see him in our store.  Either way the drama continues...the guys working on our ANSUL system let me know that the 2 parts they need can't be located and their branch manager is trying to find what they need.   Of course, there always has to be that one person at the home office who calls to tell you that it is just a breaker tripped and wants me to go flip the breaker.  I do that and surprise, surprise, nothing happens which I let him know.  I then tell him that the guys working on this told me that while they were filling up the third tank a pin shears and has never had this happen to him.  Not only does the pin shear but it is an odd pin and it is going to be extremely hard to locate another one.  The guy from home office lets me know that a breaker was tripped to begin with and now that we let these guys screw up we are in deep water.  Of course, he knows what it is because he isn't anywhere near our store nor has he looked at it but because that is his job he is automatically right.  WRONG!  Just like a man to tell you what is wrong without actually knowing what the crap they are talking about. 
Then I receive word at 10am that the branch manager has located the parts...in Louisville, KY!!  This takes two and half hours from Nashville and then two and half hours back.  Add on about a 45min-hour drive from Nashville to Murfreesboro and then at least two hours to work on it after the parts are received, that puts us opening at about 530-6pm!!  UH-OH!  A decision needs to be made now on whether to bypass the ANSUL system or wait until it is fixed.  Bypassing the system means there is no fire protection other than the 5 or 6 fire extinguishers we have hanging on the walls.  Not bypassing the system means not only do we miss all the breakfast sales but then the lunch and part of the dinner sales on a Friday.  Needless to say we bypass the system and my GM gets there around 1030am and we open the doors at 11am with a handful of employees.  Ended up being a pretty good afternoon, got a lot of praise from my DM on how I handled the situation, got lies #2, 3, and 4 from my GM and who knows how many more. 

And so I live another day to tell of the fun a restaurant manager/full time mom can possibly have....


  1. WOW! That sounds like my luck. All of it.

  2. You are always so full of DRAMA!! How did I not know any of this. I so saw you last night!! Except Mom did tell me about your sunburn. Bradley and I got a real good laugh.LOL

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