A stumble the day before her pictures...

Is it just my child or do all children fall the day before they are suppose to have pictures made?  Well, it seems that Wilkins has fell just about everytime she has had her pictures made...I know at least 3 times for sure.  Tomorrow she is suppose to have her pictures made in the buttercups, which of course has been postponed twice because of the weather.  So I am wondering if I called the portrait studio and told them I needed to postpone because Wilkins has fell and bruised her chin what they would say...yeah right!
So Wilkins was running through the living room and I guess she tripped on a speck of dust (there was nothing in the floor).  She literally hit her chin on the end table and went to her knees.  She hit so hard that is sounded like a door slamming.  Of course, being my child, she is in shock for a moment and then starts to cry.  Except for when Wilkins cries she holds her breath until her lips turn blue so I have to blow in her face to get her to take a breath.  She only cried for a minute but it was those big tears that as a parent rips your heart out.  Then she just wanted her "bic" (blanket) and for me to hold her.  She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and in her pitiful little voice said "night night".  I asked her if she was sleepy and she said "no seepy".  So then I asked her if she wanted to go lay in the bed and watch Ni Hi Kalan and she said "yeas" (that is how she says it).  She literally laid in the bed for an hour and just watched tv.  She never would let me look in her mouth but because she has a little lisp I could see that she bit her tongue.  As the night goes on, her chin is getting more red and there is a cut on her chin with a little bruising!!  Go figure!
The one thing that I tell myself is one day when we look back at these pictures I will be able to tell her about the black eye she had in her 6 mths pictures, the black eye in her one year pictures, why she was crying the entire time in her 2nd Halloween pictures (Roseola and Ruebella=no trick or treating), and now her 2nd Easter pictures!  Oh well...growing pains as they say!
Speaking of Easter...my mom made me a skirt yesterday (actually two) and today I went and found a shirt for both in about 30 minutes!  Pretty excited about that, normally when I am looking for something specific I can't find crap!  Gotta find some shoes, earrings, and maybe a braclet that I saw that is super cute!! So after Wilkins' pictures tomorrow we are going to get a pedicure and finish up all the last minute Easter shopping!

Even though the next 4 days is going to be busy I am looking forward to it.  Thursday:  work at 5am, pictures in the buttercups at 345pm, finish all last minute Easter shopping.  Friday:  work at 5am, pictures with the cousins and live bunnies at 330, singing at Smyrna.  Saturday:  Kelsey's graduation party at Daniel's (Trenton, Ga), dye Easter eggs with all the kids at granny's, spend time with everyone.  Sunday:  church at 11am, eat dinner, Easter egg hung then finally relaxation until work at 10am on Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!  I know I will because I am not working so I am sure that I will have lots of pictures to post after Sunday!!  Hope you find the one egg that has lots of money in it!!

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