Cornbeef and Cabbage...YUK!

My day started out with getting up late for work, rushing to get a shower and get ready to Wilkins standing at my legs with her arms wrapped around them, crying when I was trying to leave for work.  Then to make matters worse my battery was dead so my car wouldn't start so my mom had to take me with Wilkins to work.  It wasn't a nice peaceful day that I walked into either...I stepped in the door and started running.  It was all about "cornbeef and cabbage" today!!  Who knew that so many people would want this stuff...disgusting!  This stuff takes 50 minutes to cook and it was selling like hotcakes literally!!  I am sick of cutting up cabbage, potatoes, and stinkin' carrots!  I will not be sad if I never work another Saint Patrick's Day...and that was just a part of my day.  It was a horrible day at work and was so frustrated when I left.  I stopped and picked  pick up Wilkins and all starts to look up!
I was sitting here watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyUpWwYYyjM which is a video tribute to Layla Grace from someone and Wilkins was in her room playing.  I guess she heard the music and came running screaming "mommy dance", "mommy dance".  So I showed her Layla's picture and she said "baby" and now it is just playing over and over while I am typing this.  And Wilkins is now holding her Pluto stuffed animal while she is dancing and singing (going around and around is her dancing).  As I sit her and type this and she is right her dancing I have tears running down my face.  I am so thankful for my little girl.  My horrible day has completely forgotten now because she is the reason I continue to work a frustrating job.  She is the reason I can put a smile on my face and can deal with all the stuff I do.  If for no other reason than to make sure she has food to eat and a roof over her head I will continue to go back day after day.  So again I say, thank you Layla Grace for helping me see the bigger picture and for helping me find the positive side of things including my job.  One more day and I get to spend a day off with Wilkins...

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