Can a girl have too many shoes???

This is the five newest pairs of shoes for Wilkins...aren't they cute?  I know this is insane but every little girl needs all colors and kinds of shoes right?  Here's the thing...she has 55 pairs of shoes!  Some she got from my neice (hand me downs) and some bought.  Some she can wear now and some are a little bigger to wear later.  The thing is she loves to wear shoes...in fact, the pink polka dot shoes she wouldn't put down at Target.  She kept calling them her "bickey shoes" (Minnie Mouse) and she actually wore them all afternoon until it was time to go to bed.  And as crazy as it sounds I love shoes, we buy shoes first and then match an outfit to them.  HELLO...my mom sews and my granny smocks so I rarely buy clothes unless it is just too cute to pass up or play clothes.  This is her closet and yes I am a little OCD when it comes to the closet.   

You see the yellow shoes?  Well, those are probably going to be her Easter shoes.  My granny is going to smock her a white dress with yellow stiching and butterfly sleeves.  I am so excited and can't wait to see it.  I love yellow especially for spring.  I will definitely post some pictures of the dress. 

So, in conclusion, I am sure that we spend way to much on shoes but we definitely get good use out of them.  I pass them on to my cousin, Amanda, for her little girl to wear.  When I get them back I decide which ones I want to keep (in case I have another little girl or maybe Haley??) and which ones I want to sell.  The bad thing is the shoes are pretty cheap right now ($7-$25) but as she gets older they are only going to get more expensive.  So 10 years from now I will probably be kicking myself in the butt for all this and all of you can remind me when I am blogging about how much money my darling little girl is spending on shoes!!!

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