Balloon Release for Layla Grace...

Yesterday we (me, Wilkins, Haley, Lucas, Logan, and Tanya) went to the park to release balloons in honor of little Layla Grace.  It was very important to me to do this because Layla has really helped me realize the important things in life.  Being apart of this has made me cherish motherhood so much more.  So with that said I am going to do what I can to help spread the word about Layla Grace and Neuroblastoma.  Starting today, I am working 10am-10pm so I don't know how much I will blog this week because I am gonna be lucky to keep my head on straight and spend the "extra" time with little miss priss aka Wilkins!      

Speaking of Wilkins...can the "Terrible Twos" start before she turns 2? I am thinking she has already entered that phase because she has so much energy and has been getting into everything. She has been so wild. It's like her whole personality has done a 180 in the last 3 weeks. I don't know if I am ready for that...I thought I had a couple more months for that. So on top of the terrible twos we are also trying to potty train. I am not sure that Wilkins is ready for this but we are definitely going to try. We got rid of the pacifier in January so now the big obstacle is using th potty instead of the diaper. Truth be told...I think that Wilkins is just too lazy to use the potty. During the day she will go to the potty but at night she doesn't do so well. This kid sleeps until at least 9:30am and sometimes 11am. If I go wake her up before then she will use the potty but if I don't then she is sopping wet when she decides to get up. Sometimes she lays in her bed for hours in the morning after she has woke up and just watch cartoons. I am telling you she likes her sleep. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I enjoy the fact that she sleeps late but sometimes she makes me lazy too. :) That's okay though!!

Well...off to bed I go.  Gotta a long week ahead of me!


  1. I think it is because you talked about Logan too..LOL...Goodluck potty training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I released my balloons from Fort Hood, Texas. <3

  3. Hey Brandy, nice to hear from you and see your beautiful little Wilkens...too precious!!!

  4. Hello Miss Brandy, great to hear from you, it's been awhile. You have a gorgeous little doll....she's beautiful. I'm sure she will enjoy Disney. :)