Sunshine and Pigtails = HAPPY :)

What a beautiful day it turned out to be?!  When I went to work at 5am this morning it was so, so cold.  We even had a fire going at work which I have come to hate!!  A fire is nice when you can curl up on the couch with a good book, not when you are running around making sure everyone's eggs are cooked JUST RIGHT and their grits and gravy are HOT!  But as the day went on, and all 5 of the district managers that had set up shop for about 3 or 4 hours decided to leave the sun began to come out.  It started out as a very hectic day and it wasn't looking to good for me trying to get out of there before 4.  For some reason around 1:30 things just started falling into place and I bolted at 3.
When I got home Wilkins, who had supposedly been going to sleep, was standing in her bed being silly.  The sun was shining so I grabbed her out of her bed and said "who needs a nap anyway?" 
Her hair was so frizzy and tangled...it really did look like a rat's nest!  So I decided to see if it would go in pigtails and it did!!  It looked so cute...I love it!  With her new little hair do, her red bouncy ball, and her pink cozy coupe we headed out to savor the warm weather! 
Of course, she loved being outside and probably would have stayed outside for hours on end.  I was surprised when she looked up, pointed, and said "sky".  I didn't even know she knew what the sky was but she must have learned it from Nick Jr.  Some of those shows are completely stupid but she is learning a lot from those shows.  Most of them try to get the kids to repeat what is being said and teaches them to pick up after themselves, etc...  No more knocking Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora, or Ni Hi Kalan!!
Anyway, back to the beautiful outdoors... her little red ball bounced right over beside a patch of irresistable mud.  Wilkins just had to reach down and touch it but when I said no she decided that it wouldn't hurt to just tap it with her toes!  Wrong...tapping it with her toes turned into running around in it!!  But do you really know any 2 year old that doesn't want to experience the thrill of playing in a little mud?!  I sure haven't met one yet!  Her little size 6 foot also manages to find a puddle of water to step in soaking her little canvas pink polka dot shoes!  So not only does she get to play in mud but then she gets to truly enjoy being outside...BAREFOOT!  Watching her walk in the grass with no shoes on was kind of amusing...she kept tip toeing!  I ended up taking her over to her Aunt Haley's and Uncle Bradley's so she could play with Lucas and Logan.  Haley and I left the three of them with Bradley while we went to get some hotdogs to grill out.  Ended up being a pretty great afternoon of just enjoying the beautiful weather.
So here is Wilkins with her very first picture with pigtails!  Ain't she a beauty?!  Needless to say not taking a nap was a good idea at the time but by the time we got home mammy had made her an outfit.  Wilkins wanted no part of trying on anything because she was so tired...of course, we made her do it anyway, tears running down her cheeks and her belly.  I then tossed the little stinky thing in the bathtub, washed her up including her hair and then just let her play in the bubbles.  I then thought that I would torture her some more (not really) by blow drying her hair (which she despises).  I lathered her up in some good ol' baby lotion (after all she is only 2 and I love that smell), put her pajamas on, and then a little more torture!  Her nose drives her nuts and as much as she hates the dreaded "booger sucker" (as I like to call it) she also hates to be stuffy.  She comes to me, points to her nose, and says "nose" in a very whiny voice so we get out the "booger sucker".  While I was cleaning out her nose she held on to her little suffed Pluto and literally fell asleep in the floor!!  She was wore smack dab out!  I will probably regret it in the morning because she was out at 7:30pm so that means she will be up super early!  Oh well...we enjoyed the day which was completely worth it!!  Can't wait until Thursday when she gets her pictures made in the yellow butter cups at the Sam Davis Home.  Let's just hope that granny has got her dress smocked by then...I just got her the material and thread to her yesterday!! 


  1. You'll have your dress - NOBODY works as well under pressure as Mammy and Granny!!!! LOLOL

  2. Yes I know...the only thing is it is her Easter dress but now she is getting her picture made this Thursday in yellow buttercups so I have to have her dress by 11am. Her dress is going to be white with yellow smocking and a yellow polka dot band at the bottom so it is just to perfect for these pictures! So now I have to either meet granny or drive down there tomorrow!! lol it is worth is though!