Why do we have to work when the sun is shining?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a law that said when the sun is out you don't have to go to work if you don't want to?!  I sure do wish it were true.  Here I am on the verge of having to hop in the shower to get ready to go to that dreaded place, WORK!  I guess I think that if I just keep putting off the inevitable then it won't happen which we know is not true.  All it means is that I will have to rush to get ready and get to work right on time.  Then that will start my day off on the wrong foot because there is nothing more I hate than feeling rushed.  Which is funny because when you have children you are always rushed. 

Then when I get to work my employees will get on my nerves faster than they already do.  I don't understand why I have to repeat myself over and over throughout the entire shift about the same old little things.  How many people can walk over a piece of paper before stopping and picking it up?  You would be surprised!  EVERYONE!  Did you know that if you leave a towel laying on a counter whether it be wet or dry, it is a health code violation?  Do you know how many times a day I pick up a towel or tell someone else to do it?  I would say probably 100-200 times a day...RIDICULOUS!  Do you know how many of my employees "forget" their belt or "forget" to iron their uniform?  At least 5-7 employees a day...RIDICULOUS!  These are employees who have been working there for years but yet the expectation is and has been the same the entire time.  I know I have one child but when I go to work I feel like I have adopted about 50 misfits!!!  Don't get me wrong they are not all bad and I do enjoy working with some of them.  Some of them are a pain in my butt that's for sure.  And for those few I have to put on that "fake look of concern" and act like I care what they are saying all the while I am thinking PLEASE SHUT UP!  It is those nights when I can look at my MAC card (schedule) and see that there are plenty of cooks, servers, hosts, cashiers, and dishwashers that are capable of handling their jobs without me holding their hands that I take a LONG sigh of relief.  And here's the thing...before I left work last night at 12:30am I looked at my MAC card for today.  There was no sigh of relief.  In fact, I imagined throwing my hands up in the air in frustration!

So adding to that frustration...the sun is shining which makes me not want to go to work even more!!!   Okay, I think that I am done venting for now.  And maybe since I got all of this off my chest I will be able to get a shower and wash all the negative thoughts away.  And just maybe my night will not be as bad as I have envisioned to be!!  Everyone cross your fingers cause here I go...

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