WHEWWW...what a wonderful weekend...

A wonderful weekend but glad it is over....

Super, super busy but I got to see most of my family and I didn't have to worry about work at all!  LeAnne went and met Aunt Maronica to get Kelsey Le' so that she could come spend the night with us.  After I got off work we took all 6 of the grandkids to get their pictures made with the live bunnies, in which I had to hide so that Wilkins wouldn't cry for me.  I can't wait to see these pictures because the photographer would say "everyone look over here and smile" and Wilkins would say "no, no" and turn her head in the opposite direction.  I can't imagine where she gets her stubborness or her attitude?!!  After pictures Kels, me, mom, and Wilkins went to the avenue to go shopping for a couple of hours and then rushed home to get ready for the singing at Smyrna in about 30 minutes!!  I must say we looked pretty darn good to have rushed like we did!  As we all know singings last forever. 

 So after getting home and finally in bed around midnight we had to get up extremely early to get Kels to Trenton for her graduation party!  It was suppose to start at 10am and we arrived at 1010am...pretty good if I do say so myself.  I can't believe that my baby (Kelsey) has graduated and will soon be turning 18!  I feel old but most of all I look at what a beautiful young woman she is turning into.  This is the little girl that used to basically live with us...she always spent the night.  I used to curl her hair for all of her pageants, buy her clothes, took her to get her ears pierced, and so many more firsts for her.  I can't imagine what the next few years will hold for her and as emotional as it was to travel down memory lane, it was also lots of laughs to.  My hope for Kelsey is that she will enjoy her life as a single young woman and when the time is right a nice young man will find her.  I hope this young man will be someone that will treat her well, take care of her, and always be her soft spot to fall.  Now on to the rest of Saturday...
It started off pouring down rain and a little bit chilly as you can tell by the way we are all wrapped up!

Here are some pictures of the kids dying Easter eggs which turned out to be okay!  We did have a few catastrophes...bound to happen when you have little ones.  Of course, they all want to do it all on their on.  Wilkins and Logan managed to spill a few of the cups and torment the older kids but they really didn't understand.  We started at the tables but ended up just sitting on the drive way so there was more room ultimately leading to Wilkins and Logan using their feet to spill the cups!
I guess Wilkins thought the sidewalk chalk was as colorful as the eggs because she started putting them in the same carton!  Too cute...

After dying eggs, they had a little mini egg hunt.  And where is the best place to hide an egg?!  A bird nest of course!!!  LOL

Then there was the little pond/fountain that pretty much tortured Wilkins the entire day because she loves water.  She kept throwing rocks, balls, and anything else she could find in it.  She didn't get it...she thought it was a "bath" so needless to say it was the best thing ever that she couldn't have.
She pretty much would have jumped in there if we would have let her...

I don't know what she was telling Blake or Logan but she was definitely jabbering about something.  If I had my guess she was probably saying how could these mean ol' grown ups put something like this out here and not let us play in it.
Whoever invented sidewalk chalk I will gladly kiss the ground you walk on because that is definitely the best thing since sliced cheese!  I know I will probably regret saying that later because Wilkins wrote all over the driveway, the porch, the rocks, and anything else she came in contact with.  I tried to stop her but all of her grandparents, aunts, and uncles told me to let her because it washed off.  So despite the fact that it kept her occupied most of the day, it also let her know it is ok to color all over everything...YIKES!  Now I am going to have to watch her even more closely when she is coloring and when I have to get on to her for coloring on her walls or table I am going to make sure that I call all of those grandparents, aunts, and uncles and let them hear her crying!!!  Just kidding!  I wouldn't do that!  :)  Addy writes stuff all the time and she will ask "What does this say?" and sure enough she used that sidewalk chalk to do just that.  So at Kelsey's graduation party this is what Addy wrote: 
I had to take a picture!  This was too funny!  I thought my grandaddy was going to have a heart attack when he saw it!!  LOL!  Poor Addy had no clue what she wrote even after we were all laughing at her...only LeAnne's child would do this!!!  She is just like her momma!!

Wilkins used her bottom to clean up most of the sidewalk chalk too.  We were all running from her because she had chalk all over her!  Who cares though, she was having a blast!

She was getting a little tired after playing so hard all day long so she decided she would just lay down on the driveway in the middle of the chalk!  She didn't think she had enough chalk on her I guess!!  She tried to get Blake to lay down with her but as you can tell he thought she was nuts!!  What kid lays down without being told to by their parent?!
Then great grandaddy Herbert gave her some strawberries to eat all by herself!!  What a mess?!  But she loved every bit of it!  Who knew she liked strawberries, fresh from Florida courtesy of Aunt Maronica, that much?!
After spending all day outside we went with Aunt Maronica, Uncle Kevin, Kelsey, and Avery to Chattanooga just to finish up a little Easter shopping and basically spend a little more time with them.  We used to go shopping every Saturday before Easter with them but since they moved to Florida we haven't gotten to.  It is so odd to think about how much we used to do together and with all the miles between us now we don't get to.  I miss those good ol' days when we only lived a mile apart but I guess we all have to grow up and go our separate ways, hoping that the bond we share doesn't separate too.  We got back into Murfreesboro around 11pm and in bed by 1am...super tired after Saturday!  So I think this post is long enough and jam packed with tons of pictures so I will do a new post with all of our wonderful Easter!!

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