WOO HOO...!!

I walked in the door from work at 1130pm to Wilkins...she had a big ol' smile on her face, yelled "mommy", ran up to me and put her arms around my legs!!!  It can't get much better than that!!  I know...what is she doing up that late anyway?!  When I am working these crazy hours I think she just wants to see me before she goes to sleep because 30 minutes later she was bringing me her "bic" and saying "night night".  So she is now sound asleep and hopefully for the whole night.  Last night she woke up 130am wound up tighter than a banjo string!  She was already asleep when I got home so she was super excited at 130am to see her mommy!  I tried to put her in bed with me but she was having none of that...she just kept grabbing my face and jabberring!  I think that she was trying to tell me all about her adventurous day but who can really tell what a two year old is saying!!  I finally put her back in her bed at about 4am and I have know idea what time she went back to sleep.  It was really hard to finish out my shift today because it was my 7th day in a row but luckily 5 of the 7 days I worked with another manager whom I absolutely love!!  He is probably one of my closest friends.  He is someone that I can talk to, laugh with, and just have a nice relaxing shift with.  All I can say is thank goodness for him and I got to see his family tonight...I used to hang out with him, his wife, and kids alot but now it seems like I don't ever have time.  I do miss the good ol' days but I wouldn't trade in my little munchkin for anything!  They have been such a big part of my life and seeing their three boys makes me realize how fast time flies because they are growing like little weeds!!
Another reason for the "Woo hoo" is I am off the next two days but the best part of that is my gm is off the two days after that!  You know what that means...I only have to see him for a little bit on Fri, Sat, and Sun!  Then after that I don't have to see him again until I get back from vacation which is May 8th!!!  YIPEE! YIPEE!  I don't despise him, I just don't think he sees any flaws in himself.  He comes across as very arrogant, almost like a bully.  I think that he enjoys trying to intimidate people.  He and I had a little run in on Friday and of course he tells me that he has no issues with me whatsoever!  He thinks that I am awesome in everything that I do but for some reason I have issues with him.  After getting no where I finally just took all responsibility for the non existant relationship.  It was just easier to say "you're right, I'm wrong" even if I didn't believe it!  It is over and done with now until the next time but I don't even care because I am going to DISNEY WORLD in about 2 weeks...

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