I got nothing...

Well, I have started two new posts in the last three days but haven't finished any because my eyes start drooping from lack of sleep!  By the time I got back to them I just wasn't in the same frame of mind as I was at the time I started them so I decided not to finish them!!  Let's hope that I get this one finished considering that I really have nothing to blog about.  I mean the last three days for me has consisted of working, eating, changing diapers, and sleeping. 
As I sit here and type, I can look around and see that the floors need to be vaccuumed, clothes need to be folded and put away, tables need to be dusted, bathroom needs to be cleaned, toys picked up, etc...but yet I still decide against it.  I just want to sit here, do this and nothing more.  Maybe if I close my eyes and wish really hard this everyday stuff will all get done without me actually getting up off the couch!!  HINT HINT...Haley or LeAnne??!!  Joking...I am to anal about how stuff is done for either one of them!!  Maybe if I just cross my arms and bop my head like "Jeannie" or wiggle my nose like "Samantha" it will be taken care of!  Flip, if I could do that I would just wish for tons of money, hire a maid, pay off all mine and my families bills, and head to Disney World!!! 
As a matter of fact, I am heading to Disney World in a couple of weeks bills and all will be waiting when I get back though!!  But for 7 days I will be enjoying the most magical place on earth and can't wait!  I have about decided that me, LeAnne, and Haley look more forward to this trip than our on kids.  I don't know that I will ever see everything...it just feels like there is never enough time!!  Anyway, this year we are actually going to get to go to Mickey's Backyard BBQ which has been booked every other time so we are pretty excited about that!  Amy called the other day to find out the dates when we are going so now I think that Kyle, Amy, Emily, and Blake are going to be there the same time again this year!!  I know that Disney World and Mickey can't wait to have a big mixture of Cardin's, Pritchett's, and Middlebrooks' roaming around their parks!!  Maybe this year I will get some good pictures of Kyle and Haley out there dancing to the Move It, Shake It Parade with the kids...stay tuned because I will definitely be posting them if I do!!!! 
Oh well, enough rambling about all the nothingness tonight...
Night, night! Don't let the bed bugs bite!!

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  1. Is it April 28th yet?!?! I am so ready I can't stand it...LOL... And you know as well as I do aint nothing like a fat girl moving it and shaking it!!!There is one in ever crowd..LOL!