Getting ready for Disney...

So 8 days from right now I will be in Florida!!  YeAAAA!  If only I were already there I wouldn't be so stressed about getting there!!  I have been doing as much as I can to get ready for this trip.  I know...who packs 9 days before you leave for vacation??  ME!!  I am trying to pack what I can and make a list of everything else that I need to buy...$$$$!  I have some of the craziest hours coming up to work and have very little time to get our stuff ready.  Not only am I packing for Wilkins and myself, but I am also packing for Addy too.  I am very picky and detailed whereas LeAnne just throws a bunch of stuff together!!  So since Addy is staying in my room (the girls...me, Wilkins, & Addy), I am packing her clothes to make sure she has matching shoes and hairbows!!

Anyway, after today I only have Thursday off to finish up everything.  Before that I work 5am-4pm tomorrow and 10am-9pm Wednesday.  Then Thursday I have to finish getting everything because on Friday I work 10am-8pm, Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 7am-6pm, Monday & Tuesday 5am-4pm, and then Wednesday (12:45pm flight) 5am-10am!!  Oh my goodness!!  To see it in black and white I am really starting to stress...I don't know if it is even possible to get all this done!  I wanted to start getting ready because I didn't want to forget anything but I don't think I realized it would make me lose my mind!!! 

Pray for me and everyone around me because I am sure I am going to be extremely irritable...

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