Monday, Monday...

I worked way to hard today for a Monday!  I am on a 7 day stretch right now that started today and tomorrow with a 10am-9pm shift and then 5 closing shifts!  That is the price I pay for taking off Easter weekend to absolutely wear myself out.  I am actually off for a weekend and not one moment's peace do I actually get.  As usual I was constantly on the go...and I have an empty gas tank to prove it!  I put $40 in my tank on Saturday morning on the way to Trenton only for my gas light to come on last night on my way home from Walmart!!!  I can't imagine how I could be out of gas already...I drove from Murfreesboro to Trenton then to Chattanooga, back to Murfreesboro all on Saturday.
Then of course I drive to Smyrna to church then back to Murfreesboro to torture myself with a "much needed" trip to Walmart!  I don't know if I am the only one that goes to Walmart for a couple of specific things and ends up with a bunch of junk!  I should only ever spend about $20-$30 there but normally when I check out it pops up to $60-$70. 
I also think that putting Wilkins' hair up in pigtails makes her wild!!  I don't know if her hair is pulled to tight or if she is just enjoying being home after a full week of running around but she has been bouncing off the walls!  She has been laughing, walking on her knees, rolling around on the floor, and her new favorite word is "medicine"!  She has been playing so hard the last couple of days and running around on concrete but not sleeping well.  So I thought that maybe her legs and feet might be bothering her especially if she is anything like me.  I asked her if she wanted some medicine so now she runs to the kitchen saying "medicine"!  I don't think it is a good thing that a 2yr old already knows that word!!!  lol
Well, Monday is done, my feet hurt, my eyes are drooping, my words are turning into rambling, my bed is calling, Tuesday is just around the corner...nighty night everyone!!

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