Disney World Highlights...

Disney World...  So here is Wilkins at the airport getting ready to head to the most magical place on earth!!  I think she knew this was where she was going because she started acting WILD and I couldn't do anything.  I was sitting there with a fake smile on my face, gritting my teeth, thinking to myself if all these people weren't watching you I would spank your legs!!!!  Funny thing is I think Wilkins knows that we are in places like that she can get away with anything because really what parent is going to spank their kid or reprimand them the way they do at home when you are surrounded by dozens of people?!  Nobody!       Instead of boring you all with the day to day happenings here in Disney World I am just going to give you a few highlights that might make you smile, laugh out loud, or think to yourself "that is so me"!  Then I am going to post a few pictures but definitely not all of them and if I can figure out how to I am going to post a video of Wilkins and then a hilarious video of LeAnne and Haley!!  So here goes the highlights...
We got here Wednesday afternoon and Aunt Maronica provided a lot of toys and presents for all of our kids...oh yeaaaa!!  You will get to see the giant Mickey Mouse I get to go home with...we already have to tote a little Mickey Mouse everywhere we go that we got at Walmart when Wilkins was only 13 or 14mths old.  Then we hit Downtown Disney or should I say the Middlebrooks' took over Downtown Disney...all 13 of us met up with Uncle Chris, Aunt Lora, Aunt Maronica, Uncle Kevin, Kelsey, and Avery...oh yeah over half of the entire Middlebrooks' family (34 of us all together).

Thursday we at breakfast with Lilo & Stitch along with Mickey and Pluto at the Polynesian restaurant where we all got "laid" which ended up being a pretty big joke for a while!  Then off to the Magic Kingdom where I am almost positive Bradley was regretting the fact he married into this family!  LeAnne, Haley, and myself joined in the Move It, Shake It Parade with our kids...too funny!  I am pretty sure there is footage of us looking absolutely retarded!!!  After a while of this I took Wilkins and Addy back to the room to relax before we went to Mickey's Backyard BBQ...
I put Wilkins and Addy in the bathtub and about 5 minutes Addy says..."Wilkins pooped in the bath tub".  I go in there and sure enough she did and Addy just continued to sit there!!  Wilkins on the other hand acted like there was something on fire because she jumped out quick.  I set both of them out and while I am cleaning it out I hear Addy again..."Aunt B, Wilkins pooped again".  Ok I didn't put a diaper on here because I was planning on putting her back in so that I could wash her hair and actually use soap to clean her instead of "poopy" waterh!  So first night here Wilkins was up from 230am until 5am (who knows exactly why even though I have my opinions) and first afternoon she manages to poop in the bathtub and the floor so that I could not forget what mothers are really for!!  LOL  

Then off to the Backyard BBQ which turned out to be pretty good food and a lot of dancing for the kids!

Back to the Magic Kingdom so the kids could watch the Spectro Magic Parade which leads me into the next highlight:  Logan manages to get both of his shoes off while watching and we didn't even realize it until we got a pretty good ways.  So mom and Bradley went on the search for theses missing shoes and to our amazement they did.  The shoes had managed to be kicked around a lot but at least we found them.
The bad part was having to load up on a bus with a bunch of sleeping kids, having to hold them while trying to close your stroller while most people just look at you with pity and rarely ask if they can help!!

Here are some pictures of the first day or so...
Definitely more highlights and pictures to come!!     

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