Playoffs and more...

Some people like football, basketball, and baseball and so do I but my favorite sport to watch is hockey!  If you know me you know that I am a HUGE Predators fan...I have a Preds jacket, toboggan, pajamas, jersey, shirts, hoodies, and more.  My screen saver on my computer is the Preds along with the background screen on my cell phone.  So any hockey fans out there know that we are in the playoffs in the first round against the Blackhawks.  So that is what I am doing right now...well, technically it is the first intermission because I can't be blogging while the game is going on, I might miss something!  GO PREDATORS!!

Now...Wilkins!  This kid is driving me nuts!  Everything, including me, is a jungle gym in her eyes!!  I try to fold clothes and she is climbing on my back.  I am standing still and she is climbing up my legs.  I am downstairs and I hear her (in her room upstairs) yelling "hep (help), hep, momma hep".  So I track upstairs, which I try to do only when necessary because it absolutely kills me to, to find my child standing in the sink of her little kitchen set.  She is trying to get her baseball cap down and has already gotten down her cowgirl had along with her umbrella.  Then of course comes the heels.  She can walk better in heels than I can.  She walked down the stairs with them on , across the slippery hardwood, and then kept running back and forth on the hardwood because of the clickety clack!!  Let me just say I have my hands full with this little princess!

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