Boogers and poop...what more could a mother ask for?

This morning I am pulled from my sound sleep, before my alarm clock goes off at 4:15am, by the sound of Wilkins whining.  When I get in her room she is saying "mommy, nose, nose"! 

I would have to have the child who can't stand to have a runny or stopped up nose!  I am not joking when I say she is OCD about her nose.  She is the only child I know that actually wants you to use the little blue booger sucker and definitely the only child I know that will fall asleep while you are sucking out all the snot!!

Don't most kids just let the snot run down into their mouth...?  Oh no, not mine!  She doesn't care where we are, who's around, or what we are doing!  If her nose is bothering her she will rub it on your pants, your shirt, a blanket, the carpet, couch, etc...!  And forgive me for thinking that there is a time and a place to whip out that little blue booger sucker and it sure ain't at the mall or a restaurant!  I ain't about to carry that nasty thing in my purse so she better learn real quick how to blow her nose or dig it out herself (jk...that is gross)!  I know, I know...mean mommy!  Oh well, I bet you wouldn't do it either!

So that was before work...now about 30 minutes after I pick up Wilkins, who is in one of the boy's t-shirts b/c her and Addy decided they needed a spa treatment (played in the mud), from Yaya's house she comes to me while I am sitting on the couch and says uh-oh.  So I look at her and her diaper is hangin half way off and she STINKS!!  I grab the fresh wipes out of my purse, tell her to lay down, and attempt to get her diaper off.  Much to my dismay, she cooperated however, the poop did not because is just started falling out of her diaper!! Since becoming a mother I have done a lot of things I never thought I would and picking poop up off the floor is definitely one of them!!  YUK!  Unfortunately, I didn't have a diaper handy so I told Wilkins to lie still while I run upstairs to get a diaper...didn't happen!  What mother actually thinks their 2 year old is going to lie still with no diaper on...seriously?  I was completely out of breath b/c I literally ran, taking two steps at a time, up and down the stairs only to find Wilkins with her butt up in the air!  I have no idea what she was doing and I wished I had a camera handy b/c it was too funny.  She was on her feet, bent over, with her head touching the floor, and each hand was on one foot...definitely a full moon!  lol!!  Crazy kid! 

Very tiresome/adventurous day...so much to do in the next 10 days to get to Disney World!!  Everyone pray I don't lose my mind working 9 of those days while also trying to shop, pack, clean, wash clothes, and don't forget suck out boogers!!  I feel the stress coming on...I feel sorry for everyone that I am going to be around for the next 10 days b/c I might just bite your head off if things don't start heading in the right direction!

Good night everyone!

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  1. Well I agree your poop story was good but atleast you werent't at somebody house and found a little hansel and grettle trail down the hall. Only to find your child standing at the end of it saying I sorry momma!! LOL Life with kids is never boring!