Happy 2nd Birthday Wilkins...

....to bad you are too sick to enjoy it!  Yes you read it correctly!!  Wilkins is in Disney World for her 2nd birthday and she was pretty much too miserable yesterday to enjoy it!  You could tell she wanted to...like at the Beauty and the Beast show she would stand up and dance for a little bit and then would just lay over in my lap.  Bless her heart and mine because it is breaking my heart to see her like this when she should be having the time of her life. 
Everyone else is gone to the Animal Kingdom today but I chose to stay in the room with her so maybe she would get better.  She slept until about 1pm, then she was coughing and threw up which she probably needed to do anyway.  Now she is up playing and it doesn't appear that she has a fever, thank goodness! 

If she continues to play and stuff then we are going to get out later on this evening and hopefully go to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.  Even though she has been sick yesterday and today it has still been a good vacation despite the record highs in temp and not knowing how our homes are in Tennessee due to the flooding.  I am a little concerned about getting home on Wednesday because they cancelled all flights into Nashville today.  Even if our flight isn't cancelled will my truck still be there or did it get washed away?!  Not knowing really sucks!  Oh well we are going to enjoy the rest of the time here and worry about the rest on Wednesday.

Here are a few more pictures for ya...
Sorry...somehow the pictures are all out of order!!! 

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  1. Bless her heart - I hope she is better today - looks like everyone is having a good time though - I'm so jealous! Last time I went to WDW was when I was 7 :)