Taking a step in the right direction...

Since the day Wilkins was born I have not been content with my job.  Don't get me wrong...I make good money, I am good at what I do, and I genuinely like my job.  The problem is it is no longer making me happy because of the kind of hours I work, the time I miss with Wilkins.

My goal before I had Wilkins was to become a GM and I have been asked numerous times to do so by my own bosses.  But I have more than just myself to think about now.  Whether I would be good at it or not is not the question...I already spend way to many hours there now!  I can't imagine if I were to become a GM how many more hours I would be working and how much more stress and responsibility would come with that.

I have been talking about going back to school to get a degree in education because I love kids and it is just more realistic for me as a single mom.  So I am starting to move in that direction.  I start classes on June 17th to get my basic college courses taken care of.  I have to go for about 18 months which is one night a week for 4 hours. 

I know y'all are thinking "don't you have enough going on without throwing school on top of it?"  The answer is "YES"!  In the long run though, it is only going to benefit me and my daughter.  I want to be a mom that can be involved in her school activities and sports.  If I continue with the job I have that will never happen.  If I get my degree then I will have weekends, week nights, holidays, and summers off.  I don't know that the money will be as good but in the long run it is better for her and I.  So I am gonna do it!!!  And I must say I am pretty excited about it too.  I feel like I have a new direction and something to reach for. 

Then last night was Jordan's graduation party...Wilkins bought him this hat while we were in Disney World.  Wilkins was born on Jordan's 16th birthday and his birthday party was actually her first outing!!  It was a lot of fun and very interesting seeing everyone try to climb the bouncy rock wall!!!  You should have been there...I literally laughed so hard I about wet my pants.  Sherry, Tammy, and Gina were absolutely hilarious...I am not sure that any of them actually made it all the way to the top and actually slid down.  They did however, roll all over the place and almost smush Terina!!  Like I said, hilarious but you had to be there!!!  Unfortunately because I was laughing so hard I didn't get any good pictures of them which is good because they probably would have killed me!!  Wilkins also got to play with her boyfriend aka Caden...  I know too young but he calls her his girlfriend and they are just too cute together!

He is giving her "bye kisses"!
How sweet!


  1. Gina was the only one who made it all the way down, and I have a hilarious picture of that. As for the pile up at the bottom...I missed it! :( It was great though! :)

  2. Kudos to the starting school!! I went 2 1/2 years to become a teacher - but when we got married I was not about to drive 2.5 hours to school! It was just something I had chosen to do at that point in my life cause there wasn't much else going on then LOL. But now I am lucky that I have a great job and I only have to work M-W, and that my parents keep my kids on those days. I totally understand trying to work things out to be with her more and say congrats on making that decision and GOOD LUCK!