So Wilkins has just kind of been laying around all day...not really playing like she normally does.  Now I know why!!

She woke up from her nap, came in the living room, laid her head over on the couch on top of her blanket by my mom, and then just started puking!  Bless her heart...she didn't even cry.  I got her a towel and just held her while she finished and then she said "I ok".  So I cleaned her up and she just laid around...

She got up in mom and dad's bed to watch Ni Hao, Kai-lan and about 20 minutes later she came in the living room again and started whining so I picked her up and she started gagging.  I took her to the bathroom and again she threw up again in the toilet without crying again.  The only difference this time is, it was coming out the other end too!!  Poor thing...her 2nd birthday and the week after has not been very fun for her.  She is finally asleep for how long, who knows??!  I don't think that I have ever been around a child (especially at 2) that comes and tells you when they are gonna be sick.  Or doesn't cry during or after getting sick but says "I ok" when it is over...

Anyone who reads this please say a little prayer for her because I have to be at work at 5am and my mom is going to have her.  I would really like to think this is just a little bug and the worst is behind us! 

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  1. Oh me! Hoping for a peaceful night and NO SHARING of germs!!