Happy Mother's Day....

Ok so I could be all sentimental and say that I wouldn't be the mother I am today without the influence of my own mother (which is true) or I could let the sarcasim flow....probably a little of both!! 

We are a very close knit foursome because of everything life has handed us and how we watched our mother play the cards she was dealt.  Not always the best hand either.  I can't say that I have always agreed with how she handles everything and I know if I said I did, my sisters and my mom would bust out laughing and call me a liar!!  I will say that I wish I could handle things a little more like my mother to an extent but at the same time I handle things the way I do because of my mother. 

I am the oldest and I have always been very protective of my mother...sometimes I say the things she would like to say but has enough sense to keep her mouth shut!!  And I am almost certain that she wished I would keep my mouth shut a lot of the time too....lol!  Truth be told probably won't ever happen...I tend to be brutally honest and I will always blame my mom...ha ha ha!! 

But in all seriousness I am very grateful for my mom...I know that I don't always show it and we are not a very lovey dovey bunch.  I mean we show our affection by making fun of one another or pointing out one another's flaws but that's ok because we know how we feel about each other.  Every once in a while things get a little heated and we might break down and write a few words to one another because that is the best form of communication for us...you can say what needs to be said in a more constructive way and we don't tend to push each other's buttons as much.

I am a lot like my mom in a bunch of ways, which is why we butt heads and have disagreements, but we also see eye to eye on the important things.  Such as morals and values she instilled in me on how I should raise my own child....

I can only try to follow in those big footsteps to be half the mom she is so that 20 years from now my own daughter will see me like I see my mom....a true inspiration with loads of strength and courage.

So my sisters and I are going to spend the day with our mom cleaning up the yard, planting flowers, cooking out, and just being together goofing off tomorrow.  Should be fun and interesting (I don't think any of us have a green thumb)...I mean think about it my mom and Haley can design and sew like nobody else, I can scramble up some mean eggs (thanks to CB), and well, LeAnne, we still ain't sure what she is good at other than being a goofball (jk...she can design some of the best flower arrangements you could ever see), but actually planting and growing flowers the jury is still out on that one.... :)

                                                      HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

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