1st outing in PANTIES...

...no not me, Wilkins!!  Yes that is correct.  We are potty training and she is getting the hang of it, for the most part!!  She still hasn't figured out the whole pooping part yet or should  I say the part where she does it in the toilet!!  If you ask her if she pooped in her panties she will say "yes" or "no" depending on whether or not she did.  We just have to figure out how to help her figure out that she needs to tell us before she does it...  did ya get that?!!  Anyway, she is doing pretty good with the rest especially since she loves her Minnie Mouse panties!!!  Hopefully within the next few days it will all come together for her...

Now I have to share this funny story with you....

So me, mom, Wilkins, and LeAnne are in line at Walmart tonight when this younger, not so bad looking (maybe 22) guy comes up to LeAnne and says:  "I can't let you walk around and not tell you that you have a popsicle stick stuck to the back of your skirt."  LeAnne's face got bright red and I just busted out laughing!!  It was hilarious...no telling how long she had been walking around with it stuck to her either!!  She told him thank you and I asked why he had to tell her?!  Her face and neck were bright red and of course, it is WALMART....we weren't the only ones in line!! 

Only LeAnne...glad I got to be there to witness it and laugh at her expense!!


  1. Congrats on the potty training and the video of Wilkins talking to Mickey is just too cute

  2. Wes is going through potty training also - and is having the same issues with the "poopoo" as he calls it...he does great with the pee but not so much the other - I'm not really sure what to do either cause Alea had one accident the morning I started training her and then that was it - she had it from then on....if you figure it out let me know!