I have created a little DIVA...

...or a little monster?!  I am not sure which one!!  I bought these little house shoes for her and Addy at the Barrel because they were called "princess shoes".  Addy is big on anything "princess" so I knew she would love them and Wilkins has to have whatever Addy has!!! 

Who knew she would not take them off for any reason at all??!!  I have to pry them off of her just to put her in the bathtub...  On top of those little silver sequin princess slippers she is also very attached to some little pink sequin shoes (that have no backs) that I bought her at Epcot in the Morocco store!!  Between these two pair of shoes I am losing my mind!! 

Tonight my little diva/monster realized that she didn't have a hairbow in...why would anyone have a hairbow in to go to bed?!  I mean, seriously, she was already in her gown and her silver princess slippers why would I put a hairbow in her hair??!  Unfortunately, she saw a hot pink hairbow laying on the table and brought it to me so I could put it in her hair so I did!! 

What have I created?!  I am a little worried...she is only TWO!!  What do I have to look forward to....
Check out this little DIVA and her attire while in the comfort of her own home  (lol)....

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  1. Brandy she may be worse than you and I put together!!! lol