So Wilkins is feeling better...

...but I still didn't get any sleep last night!!!  Oh yeah, she is all confused.  My mom kept her yesterday and Wilkins literally laid in her bed all day!  She would sleep and watch tv and when I got home at 330pm she got up only to lay on me or the couch.  I could tell she felt better but she didn't have any energy because everything she had ate had come out one way or another for two days.  About 7pm I gave her a bath, washed her hair, lotioned her all up, and gave her a cup of milk.  She laid her head on my mom's shoulder and fell sound asleep on the couch.  I put her in her bed at about 10pm thinking that I would head to bed too but I got caught up watching some tv and fell asleep sometime around midnight.  So at 230am when I heard Wilkins saying "mommy" I went to check on her only to find her jumping up and down with joy to see me. 

She was all messed up because she was ready to get up and play!!  And because she had been sick for a couple of days my sympathy got the better of me and I let her thinking she would tire out pretty quick (maybe 30 minutes)....NOT!!  So I ended up cleaning her room while she played (didn't work real well) at 330am!  I got her a cup of milk and tried to convince her that it was night-night time where she answered by shaking her head, pointing her little finger up, and saying "no no momma"!  Too cute but so regretting it now!!  I finally just put her in her bed and left her to watch tv.  I got in bed at 5am only to wake up to that precious voice (AGAIN) at 9am saying "get out momma"!! 

Needless to say I am wore smack dab out!  I have to be at work at 1 until about 11 or 1130pm tonight and I hope to get some sleep after that!

Gonna try to doze a little on the couch now while Wilkins is playing in her room (actually she hasn't came out of her room yet...she is making up for lost time I guess).

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