This time four years ago...

...I had been in the hospital almost 12 hours!!  Don't get me wrong...I wasn't in labor the whole time but I was induced at about 11 am on a Thursday! 

I remember being so upset because I wasn't ready.  I had already been on bedrest for about 3 months and was going to the doctor one to two times a week.  My mom was suppose to be taking me to Babies-R-Us to get the baby bed. 

But she had a different plan (and still does!).  My blood pressure was to high and the amniotic fluid around her was low so the doc sent me straight to the hospital to be induced!!  Just a warning...always eat before you go for a checkup because you never know what will happen.  I remember asking my doctor if I could go grab something to eat because I hadn't even had breakfast...nope!  I remember begging my mom on the way to the hospital to please just go thru a drive-thru...nope!  So I starved!!

They broke my water around 11am and that was one of the longest days of my life.  Luckily I had a really good nurse who let me eat grape popsicles all day long!!  Literally, I probably had an entire box of popsicles...I was starving!! 

LeAnne, Haley, mom, and myself had some pretty good laughs waiting it out.  We were hoping she would have been born on May 1st because that is my granny's (Helon) birthday and thought it would be neat considering that I was born on my great grandmother's (Ester) birthday.

I should have known that she would end up being stubborn considering that she didn't get here when we were hoping.  In fact, after being at the hospital all day and all night, LeAnne and Haley left the hospital at 4:30am to go home.  They had husbands to get to work and kids to get to school and wouldn't you know 30 minutes after they left she was getting pretty anxious to enter this big ol' world. 

On May 2, 2008 at 6:27am my little 5lb 12oz, 18 1/2in little girl entered the world.  With her big blue eyes wide open looking curiously around with only myself and my mom there to welcome her, changed my life forever. 

And I finally got to eat!  I thoroughly enjoyed a McDonald's sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle!!  YUM!  YUM!

Happy 4th Birthday Wilkins Braelee!!

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  1. Makes me sad!!! LOL I almost teared up reading this! LOL I know I am a over emotional dork. Happy Birthday Sally Sue from your favorite aunt!